4 Benefits of Having a Portable Shampoo Sink in Your Salon


Whether you have a home-based or in-salon business, our shampoo sinks will allow you to take your business to the next level and provide the best for your customers. Hot and cold running water with large, easy to change tanks make it simple to setup and use our sinks. Our portable shampoo sinks are convenient, economical, mobile and offered with a variety of colors and upgrades so you can choose what works best for your space. Keep reading to learn about some of the benefits of having a portable shampoo sink in your salon.

1. Add an Additional Sink with No Plumbing Required.

Has your salon business grown to more than what you first imagined when you opened your doors? All Portable Sinks are great for a busy salon or barber shop that needs to add another sink for hair washing, without adding additional plumbing. Now you can wash the hair of two different people at the same time, allowing you and your staff to see more customers in a given day.


 2. Reconfigure Your Salon Space Easily.

    Rearranging your salon can be difficult due to where the plumbing hookups are. However, when you choose All Portable Sinks for your shampoo sink needs, you don’t have to worry about that. Due to the fact that these are no plumbing, easily moveable sinks, you can reconfigure your space in no time!


    3. Move Your Shampoo Sink to Your Customers.

      Instead of making your clients get up and move from chair to chair to get their hair done, you can move the shampoo sink to them. From the shampooing and the rinsing to the cutting and the styling, they won’t have to get up and move at all! This can save you, the hair dresser, both time and energy. You can also use our portable sinks for mobile hair styling at nursing homes, etc.


      4. Start a Home-Based Salon Business with an Affordable Sink.

        Our portable shampoo sinks are affordable for the entrepreneurial stylist that wants to create a home-based hair salon. If you don’t have the capital to start out with a full blown salon, start at home with one of our portable shampoo sinks. Their easy mobility makes it easy to setup shop just about anywhere!


        Check out our portable shampoo sinks today by visiting our website. The sinks are sturdy, but lightweight, making them easy to move. There’s no water connection necessary and it comes with an extra-large waste tank. The extra set of water tanks included makes it easy to swap out the tanks when needed. Consider a portable shampoo sink from All Portable Sinks for your salon, and take your business to the next level!


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        • Erin Burdette