5 Uses for All Portable Sinks


Portable sinks make cleanliness and sanitation easily accessible no matter where you are. Wherever you don’t have access to traditional plumbing, All Portable Sinks come in handy. Keep reading to learn about 5 common uses for our portable sinks. 


1. Children’s Classrooms.

Preschool classrooms and daycares are filled with a variety of germs and bacteria that can cause illness. In these environments, it’s critical to prevent the spread of those germs. Preschools and daycares across the country are recognizing the convenience of our mobile sinks. They make handwashing easier and reduce the amount of absenteeism due to illness. They are great for allowing children to wash their hands after returning from recess or other outdoor activities. The sinks are also great for cleaning up after messy projects such as painting and gluing. We have an entire line of child-height portable sinks perfect for your daycare or classroom.


2. Healthcare Facilities.

Doctor’s offices are another place that germs and bacteria are prevalent. They also have strict health and licensing regulations for cleanliness. Get on-demand hot and cold water at your fingertips with our variety of portable sinks. These sinks are perfect for doctor’s offices, hospitals, healthcare facilities, nursing homes and more. When you choose All Portable Sinks, you can rest assured of our quality and high level service to meet even the most discriminating of healthcare restrictions. 

3. Tattoo Parlors.

When it comes to tattoo parlors, sanitation is of utmost importance. Each business is required to have two separate sinks, one for hand washing and one for cleaning equipment. Any item that comes into contact with the client’s skin must be either disinfected or sanitized. Our portable sinks, complete with both hot and cold water, make sanitation much easier. The convenient portability makes it easy to roll the sink to the spot where you need it, plug it in and have running water. All of our sinks are designed to meet health and safety regulations. 

4. Hair Salons and Spas.

In hair salons, sinks are needed for washing and rinsing clients’ hair. By having a portable sink from our shampoo sinks collection, you’ll be able to expand your salon or spa business and provide the best in service for your clients. Our sinks are great for busy salons or barber shops where an extra sink for hair washing is needed without adding additional plumbing. They’re also ideal for those hair stylists starting out and wanting to have a home-based business. Whether you’re looking for a sink with a tilting basin and extra counter space or an elegant glass bowl sink for a spa, we have a sink to fit your needs. 


5. Construction Sites.

Not all of our portable sinks have to be plugged in to work. If you’re working on a construction site that is yet to get the plumbing installed, our outdoor sinks are the perfect solution for cleaning up on a messy job site. Our outdoor sinks are durably constructed to hold up in outdoor conditions. They offer options ranging from battery-powered and propane gas powered to hand or foot pump configurations. 

To learn more about the wide variety of sinks we have to offer, visit our website: www.AllPortableSinks.com. No matter where or what you need running water for, we’ve got a solution for you. All Portable Sinks is a family company committed to providing you with quality products and a positive buying experience! 

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