Benefits of Having a Portable Spa Sink in Your Salon


Benefits of Having a Portable Spa Sink in Your Salon

Whether you have a home-based or in-salon business, our spa sinks will allow you to take your salon business to the next level and provide the best service for your customers. Hot and cold running water with large, easy-to-change tanks makes it simple to set up and use our sinks. In addition, our portable spa sinks are convenient, economical, mobile, and offered with a variety of colors and upgrades so you can choose what works best for your space. There are many benefits to having a portable salon sink, more than what you might think!

If you’re trying to decide if a portable spa sink will benefit your salon or spa business, you will find your answers here! We’ve compiled several benefits of having a portable spa sink in your salon that works for both large salons, small home-based salons, and everything in between. So let’s dive in to see how your salon can benefit from a portable spa sink.

1. Add More Sinks with No Plumbing Required

Has your salon business grown to more than what you first imagined when you opened your doors? All Portable Sinks are great for a busy salon or barbershop that needs more than one sink for hand washing or sanitizing without adding additional plumbing. For example, if you want to reserve one sink for handwashing and another sink for sanitizing tools, it’s easy with our various spa sinks. With the options for cold water only or both hot and cold water, you can meet all of your salon’s needs. You can also add as many portable spa sinks as you need for your salon to run smoothly.

2. Reconfigure Your Salon Space Easily

Rearranging your salon can be difficult due to where the plumbing hookups are. However, when you choose All Portable Sinks for your spa sink needs, you don’t have to worry about that. Since our sinks don’t require plumbing, they are flexible to place wherever is most convenient for you in the salon. You can choose for your portable spa sink to stay in one place or roll where you need it from client to client. Even if your salon moves to a new location, your portable spa sink can quickly come with you. So, as you decide how to manage your salon’s space, let your salon’s sinks be the least of your worries!

3. Move Your Spa Sink to Your Clients

One of the great benefits of our spa sinks is they are mobile. Simply roll the sink exactly where you need it throughout your workday. Then, when a client receives service at your salon, you can bring the sink to them for ease and comfort. Your clients will feel extra special because you went the extra mile to provide excellent service! A mobile sink also makes clean-up easier for your employees. They can clean and sanitize items right at the workstation.

4. Start a Home-Based Salon Business with an Affordable Sink

Our portable spa sinks are affordable for the entrepreneurial stylist that wants to create a home-based hair salon. If you don’t have the capital to start with a full-blown salon, begin at home with one of our portable shampoo sinks. Their easy mobility makes it easy to set up shop just about anywhere! No matter where you choose to start your salon business, a portable spa sink will work for your needs. Not only are the portable spa sinks practical, but they also feature premium designs to boost your spa’s aesthetic.

Find the Perfect Portable Spa Sink

Whether your salon space is big or small, a portable spa sink is a perfect fit. If you have a small business with limited space, our spa sinks take up minimal space so you can maximize your area. The easy mobility of portable spa sinks makes even the largest salon more accessible to every client and employee. As your salon business evolves and grows, it’s simple and affordable to add more portable spa sinks to your salon. Caring for your portable sinks is also easy to maintain with simple daily, weekly, and monthly care guidelines. 

Check out our portable spa sinks today by visiting our website. The sinks are sturdy but lightweight, making them easy to move. There’sThere’s no water connection necessary, and it comes with an extra-large waste tank. The extra set of water tanks included makes it easy to swap out the tanks when needed. So consider a portable spa sink from All Portable Sinks for your salon, and take your business to the next level!

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