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Choosing a Portable Sink for Your Salon

One of the most important pieces of equipment in your salon is your washing station. This provides you the ability to wash your client’s hair before cutting, and aid in the salon feel that you’re going for. However, there could be many situations where installing a sink is challenging if not impossible - this is where All Portable Sinks comes in. We sell many different portable salon sinks in many styles and colors. Whether you’re looking for a place to wash hair or a portable spa sink, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you choose the sink for your salon. 


Think About the Details

One of the important details to think about is if you want a tilt bowl or bowl with neck support for your portable sink. We carry several models that could work for you, and they come in several colors as well. You can choose from black or white ceramic bowls, as well as high-grade plastic bowls. We also provide a choice of six color options for the mobile sink cabinet. 

For a spa, salon, barbershop, or aesthetician location, there are several portable sink models with very attractive cabinets and bowls to fit with your décor.

Portable Sinks for Salons

Portable Shampoo Sink w/ Tilt Mechanism and Black Ceramic Bowl by Monsam

The PSE-2005TB salon portable sink, has a black Ceramic, tilting bowl mechanism and an extra wide cabinet/counter top to store shampoo, conditioner, towels, and other accessories.  The unit comes with two 6 gallon fresh water tanks and two 7 gallon waste water tanks for extra convenience.  A water filtration system is optional.  In addition, you can add an electronic foot switch to control the water flow allowing both hands to be used in the hair washing process.  

The portable sink cabinet is made with heavy-duty plastic panels available in six colors: Black, White, Grey, Red, Blue or Maple.  Since this is on wheels, this portable salon sink is easily mobile within a salon or for a home-based business.  


Portable Shampoo Sink w/ Tilt Mechanism and White Ceramic Bowl by Monsam

The PSE-2005TW portable sink is similar to the PSE-2005TB, except the Ceramic bowl is white instead of black.  The same options and cabinet colors are available for this portable hairwashing station.

Portable Shampoo Sink with Tilt Mechanism by Monsam

The PSE-2005T  contains similar features to the TB and TW model portable sinks, except that the sink bowl is high-grade plastic and not ceramic.  We offer it at a lower price point due to the different materials in the portable sink bowl.

Portable Spa Sinks

White Portable Sink with Ceramic Basin by Monsam

This elegant portable sink by Monsam features a cabinet with two drawers and a ceramic basin.  Great for spas, healthcare offices, hair salons, estheticians, retail, and homes. No extra plumbing needed so you can add the convenience of an extra sink without compromising design. This model comes with a chrome faucet and glass countertop. It is a self-contained, portable sink which provides hot and cold running water to a space where conventional plumbing is not available.  The two drawers provide added storage and this unit comes fully assembled - just roll it into place!

Glass Basin Portable Sink with Wood Cabinet by Monsam 

An elegantly designed portable sink by Monsam with a frosted glass vessel bowl on a dark wood cabinet.  It is great for healthcare offices, spas, estheticians, hair salons, retail and homes. You can add the convenience of an extra sink without compromising design. These portable sinks add convenience as well as on-demand hand washing or hair washing. It comes fully assembled - just roll it into place.

Start Your Salon FASTER!

If you are starting a new hair salon, finding a facility to operate out of can be one of the hardest parts. With All Portable Sinks, we can help you find your facility faster because you aren’t limited to plumbing options. Our portable shampoo bowls can be placed anywhere near an outlet, no plumbing required. Visit our website to learn more about these portable salon sinks, you can chat with us and ask questions, or give us a call!

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