The Fully Automatic Handwashing Station is Here: Smixin Combi


The Fully Automatic Handwashing Station is Here: Smixin Combi


In this day and age, hygiene and convenience are top priorities. People want to stay healthy and wash their hands but need it to be quick, convenient, and effective so they can move on with their busy lives. Staff members also need to manage their time wisely and need a handwashing station that’s easy to maintain. The solution is the fully automatic handwashing station, Smixin Combi


What is the Smixin Combi? The Smixin Combi is a unique handwashing station that uses a 3-in-1 concept. Water, soap, and paper towels are all automatically dispensed through a sensor. This essentially removes all touchpoints for customers to wash their hands. The Smixin Combi is also self-contained and mobile, making it an ideal solution for portable handwashing.


How Does the Smixin Combi Work?


The Smixin Combi uses advanced and innovative technology but is also very simple to use and maintain. Even children can easily operate this fully automatic handwashing station! When you step up to the Smixin Combi, you place your hands under the sensor, and your unique handwashing experience begins. 


The Smixin Combi uses innovative technology by mixing air, water, and soap that effectively cleans your hands. Then, water is dispensed automatically to rinse and refresh your hands. Finally, a paper towel will dispense for drying. Through this simple process, your customer’s hands are adequately cleaned in the most efficient way. Now, it’s ready for the next guest!


View a video demo of the Smixin Combi to see it in action.


Benefits of the Smixin Combi


Why should you consider the Smixin Combi fully automatic handwashing station over a traditional portable sink? While the Smixin Combi operates much like a portable sink, it has a variety of unique benefits for both the guest and the staff. Everyone will love this fully automatic handwashing station from the first time they experience it.


150 Handwashing Cycles


The Smixin Combi features refillable tanks that offer 150 handwashing cycles. This means that staff members will spend less time refilling and replacing tanks. Instead, your staff will be able to focus on what matters most, your clients, guests, or students. In addition, the Smixin Combi is mobile on wheels, so you can move the sink where you need it.


Video Screen Opportunities


An incredibly unique feature of the Smixin Combi is the video screen. This video screen display is right in front of the person washing their hands with the Smixin Combi. You have the option to display special instructions, personalized information, or advertisements while your customers wash their hands. This is a great benefit you wouldn’t usually find with a portable handwashing station.


Saves Valuable Resources


When you have a portable sink, resources are often limited. The Smixin Combi makes efficient use of the water, soap, and paper towels needed for handwashing. How? Mixing air with soap and water reduces the amount of water required for a handwashing cycle. The Smixin Combi’s technology measures the optimal mix of water, air, and soap to ensure enough for proper handwashing. Still, it uses fewer resources compared to traditional sink handwashing. 


In fact, per the handwashing cycle, the Smixin Combi: 


  • Saves up to 90% of water
  • Saves up to 60% of soap
  • Saves up to 60% of paper


Not only are you conserving valuable resources, but your business or facility is also saving money by not using as much soap, water, and paper towels. These benefits are only the beginning of what the Smixin Combi can offer. Probably the best feature of the Smixin Combi is it’s versatile enough to work in various places.


Where Can You Place the Smixin Combi?


Portable sinks are highly flexible and can operate almost anywhere. The Smixin Combi carries that same flexibility. You can use the Smixin Combi wherever electricity is available. In addition, it’s simple to install and maintain, making it an excellent addition to your event or facility. 


The Smixin Combi is currently used in restaurants, schools, offices, and hotels around the world. This fully automatic handwashing station would be especially useful in medical or food facilities where minimal touchpoints are critical. In addition, schools would benefit from the Smixin Combi and even have the opportunity to place educational handwashing videos on the screen as children learn proper handwashing techniques. Reach out to All Portable Sinks today to see how the Smixin Combi can fit in your facility or event.



All Portable Sinks is your solution for effective handwashing in a portable and versatile way. We are proud to offer this Swiss innovation in the United States and make fully automatic handwashing stations available to more businesses. Contact the team at All Portable Sinks for more information, or visit our Smixin Combi info page



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