SMIXIN Combi Premium Mobile Touchless Hand Washing Station

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The SMIXIN Combi Premium Mobile is revolutionizing the hand washing process with  a unique mobile hand washing system with a 3-in-1 function.

Water, soap and paper are automatically dispensed after activation via a precise sensor. Due to the optimal mix of water and soap with air, your hands will feel silky-clean after washing.  Introducing air into the mix significantly reduces the amount of water needed per cycle allowing a greater number of hand washes per fresh water tank while conserving water usage.

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The Combi Premium Mobile is designed to be used inside or outside of the washroom as in transportation hubs, cafeterias, schools, restaurants, medical/dental offices, hospitals and many other locations.

White SMIXIN Combi unit with LED Screen and Premium Mobile Base. Includes 4 casters.

5.2/gal Fresh water tank (~150 hand washing cycles per refill)

5.2/gal Waste water tank.

** For a limited time each Combi Premium Mobile purchase includes  1 CherryCare Soap pouch (5,000 hand washings) and  1 roll of paper towels - a $50 Value**

Dimensions: 61"H x 18"W x 16" D  - 88 Lbs.

*Must use SMIXIN TechnoPack soap pouch refills. 5,000 hand washing cycles per refill! Available here

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