5 Best Portable Sinks for Schools


5 Best Portable Sinks for Schools

When schools need to increase student access to hand washing stations, portable sinks can be a great solution. They are easy to set up wherever a sink is needed and operate without plumbing. Portable sinks have water tanks inside the cabinet and a pump to get running water that flows as it would out of a typical sink. Many units also have a heat pump providing warm water. Depending on the need and local regulations, schools purchase both hot and cold water or cold water only sinks for hand washing.

In a previous blog, we discussed the research that cold water hand washing is just as effective so it’s up to the needs of the school to choose a warm water or cold water only sink. We also offer sinks that have foot pumps if you need one that does not run on electricity.

Classroom portable sinks have become a popular solution to make sure students and staff have adequate access to hand washing stations. Portable sinks have become an effective way to increase hand hygiene in schools and reducing the spread of germs. Offering hand washing sinks in a wider variety of areas throughout the facility and in newly constructed or temporary classrooms help schools to provide a safe environment.

When purchasing a portable sink there are a lot of features to consider but we wanted to share our best selling classroom portable sinks to help you as you make your decision.

Here are the 5 Best Classroom Portable Sinks for Schools: 

1. Ozark River Lil’ Premier Child Height Sink


The Ozark River Lil’ Premier child height sink is one of the top selling sinks for it’s durability and ease of use. The Lil' Premier in Maple has a black ABS Basin with integrated splash guard.  The Lil’ Premier Blue Splash has a bright blue cabinet with white ABS basin and backsplash.  The Lil’ Premier child height sink is used by schools around the country when they need to increase hand washing stations. The seamless design of the integrated ABS counter and basin make it easy to clean and eliminates the possibility of germs collecting where the basin and counter meet. The backsplash helps to protect the walls behind the unit which is a great feature in a preschool classroom.

The Ozark River Lil’ Premier is an award winning portable hand washing station for children, recognized for its durability, quality, age appropriateness, and safety. The 30” height of this unit is just the right size for out-of-the-way, under-the-counter storing in a classroom short on extra space.  Easily move this sink on its casters to the desired location and lock in place. Both styles come with a top-fill liquid soap dispenser and quick connect hoses for easy tank removal and set up. A water heater provides the user with on demand hot water for warm water hand washing! Great for daycares, head start programs, preschools, lower elementary classrooms and community centers.

2. Jonti-Craft Clean Hands Helper 26” Child Height Hot and Cold Water Portable  Sink. 

Also at the top of the list of classroom sinks, are the Clean Hands Helper 26” model warm water sinks. The Clean Hands helper child height sink has two basic models, Clean Hands Helper 26” Sink with Plastic Basin and the Clean Hand Helper 26” Sink with Stainless Steel Basin.


Hot and cold running water allow kids to wash their hands in warm or cold water. The 26” counter height makes it easy to reach for preschoolers and early childhood students. Designed for high traffic areas and constructed from high quality materials in the USA.  The water pump has a flow rate of up to half a gallon per minute. If water spills when loading the tanks, it’s contained in a catch tray. Separate tank connectors means the clean and waste water tanks cannot be inadvertently switched. Plastic and Stainless Steel basins are approximately 5” deep.

Often purchased by schools, preschools and head start programs to provide children with access to warm and cold running water.

The Clean Hands Helper 26” portable sink provides warm and cold running water at the perfect height for young children and can be easily rolled into placed anywhere a sink is needed. Designed for indoor use and it requires an electrical outlet to operate the pump and heater.

3. Ozark River Advantage Hot Water Sink

The Advantage sink has extra counter space and cabinet storage. It’s a great way to add a sink to any classroom, especially a science classroom, culinary space or art room where equipment needs to be washed. Choose the Advantage Portable Sink with Laminate counter or the Advantage Portable Sink with Stainless Steel Counter. All the Advantage portable sinks have extra deep stainless steel basins. The counter top can be ordered in either laminate or stainless steel. The base of the unit has three locking cabinets: the one beneath the basin houses the portable sink tanks, pump and heater and the two other cabinets are available for storage.

Similar to other Ozark River portable sinks, the Advantage comes with a top-fill liquid soap dispenser and quick connect hoses for easy tank set up. The stainless steel unit is offered in maple, white or black while the laminate unit comes in maple. 

4. Jonti-Craft Clean Hands Helper 38” Standard Height Hot and Cold Water Portable Sink

Jonti Craft 1372 Portable Sink in School Hallway

 Like the child height version, this 38” standard height version has two models: a 38" Clean Hands Helper with plastic basin and the 38" Clean Hands Helper with Stainless Steel Basin. The standard hight Clean Hands Helper sink is great for providing a hand washing station to elementary students, upper school students and staff. You can add a step stool to make the unit accessible for younger students as well. Designed and manufactured in the USA, this sink has the same great features as the 26” Clean Hands Helper, but is at a standard sink height. Adults and teens can easily access this sink. When used with a Jonti-Craft step stool, children can also use this sink so it can be a great solution when you need a portable sink that is used by multiple ages.


5. Ozark River Child Height Lil’ Delux Portable Sink with Double Basins.

Want multiple students to wash their hands at the same time? The Double Basin Lil’ Delux Portable Sink by Ozark River has two child height basins, two soap dispensers plus extra cabinet and counter space. Add a portable hand washing station by rolling the unit where it’s needed and locking it in place. Plug in the unit for running water without the need for additional plumbing. The Lil’ Deluxe is a great way to increase access to hand washing in new classrooms or crowded spaces so students have adequate time to effectively wash their hands to reduce the spread of germs.


All of these sinks are manufactured in the USA and are built for durability and high traffic use. You can choose different cabinet, counter and basin options to fit your school and needs. Add a refill kit and extra tanks to make using the portable sinks easier and be able to easily refill the fresh water tank when needed. Want to learn more about portable sinks and choosing one for your school? This blog post from our sister site, Kindermark Kids, “How to Choose a Portable Sink for Your School” explains more about how the sinks work.

Portable sinks can be a great solution for convenient hand washing. Let us know if you have any questions about any of these products. Our customer service team can help you choose the right sink for your space, budget and shipping needs.


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