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5 Ways a Portable Sink Would Improve An Outdoor Event

We’ve covered many different ways that a portable sink can benefit business, organizations, and even hobbies. If you will be hosting or participating in an outdoor event, you may find that an outdoor portable sink can be just as beneficial in this setting as well. Here are a few different outdoor events where a portable sink would be incredibly helpful, as well as some featured sinks from our website!

Choosing a Portable Sink for Your Salon

One of the most important pieces of equipment in your salon is your washing station. This provides you the ability to wash your client’s hair before cutting, and aid in the salon feel that you’re going for. However, there could be many situations where installing a sink is challenging if not impossible - this is where All Portable Sinks comes in.


Outdoor Hand Washing Stations

The necessity of portable hand washing stations for outdoor events is high. With fewer options for plumbing and generally a LOT of people for outdoor events, it’s important for people to still be able to wash their hands.

Portable Sinks & Food Service Safety

December is Food Service Safety Month, and there’s no time like the New Year to embrace this practice in your restaurant or business. There are many ways that a business can improve their food service safety, and it doesn’t just apply to restaurants. From food trucks to daycares, there are many companies that encounter food and learning how to handle food properly while also providing your employees with the best practices for handling it is extremely important. Here are a few tips to remember as you improve your food service safety, and a few ways that All Portable Sinks can help!