How Do Portable Sinks Work?

Portable Sinks are a great way to add a mobile hand washing station to any environment! You simply unpack, place it in the desired location, fill it with water, and plug them in.

It’s just that simple!

All portable sinks are self-contained in an attractive cabinet style of your choosing. The portable sink unit is on casters, which makes it easily moveable to where the need is. Within the cabinet there is a fresh and a waste water tank. The tanks are easy to connect/disconnect when it's time to refill the fresh water and empty out the waste water tank. Also within the cabinet is an electric water heater and pump. Plug the unit into an outlet and you have hot and cold running water where you need it. Cabinet styles and colors, faucet styles and accessories vary by model.

 Please see the image below for an example of the inner workings of a portable sink.