Frequently Asked Questions

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Using A Portable Sink

Q: Can I hook the sink up to a hose for refilling?
A: Some sinks can be modified to allow a direct connection to a hose to avoid needing to refill the fresh water tank. The waste water can be run to a drain as well. Please contact us if you need these features.
Q: What are the water tanks made of?
A: The tanks are made of FDA approved plastic.
Q: How do the sinks work?
A: The sink basin itself is set in a cabinet that contains a fresh water tank and a waste water tank. Most products are electric powered and contain a pump and a hot water heater inside the cabinet. Move the sink to the desired location, fill the fresh water tank and plug it in to a standard outlet. If there is no access to electricity, sinks can be configured with either a battery pack, a propane gas power source or a foot pump (cold water only).
Q: Can I make modifications to the design or components?
A: If you have specific design or functionality requests, please contact us. We can often accommodate unique requirements. As an example, many sinks can be fitted with all stainless countertops as well as basins, even though not a normal product option.
Q: How easy is it to move the sink?
A: All cabinets are set on casters that allow the sinks to be easily moved. The casters will lock in place to prevent inadvertent moving.
Q: How deep are the sink basins?
A: The standard depth is 6”, however, many models have a 10” basin. In some cases, we can special order a 10" basin. Please contact us if you have this requirement.
Q: How do you know when you have to dump the waste tank?
A: The waste water tank generally hold one gallon more than the fresh water tank. When you need to refill the fresh water tank, it's time to empty the waste water tank.
Q: How many hand washings can you get from a filled fresh water container?
A: You can get approximately 30-40 fifteen second hand washings per tank of fresh water.
Q: What is the hot water temperature?
A: The temperature varies somewhat by manufacturer, but generally ranges between 110 and 140 degrees. Temperature can be adjusted in some models. Mixing hot and cold water through the faucet, as in any sink, allows for modification as well.
Q: Are portable sinks difficult to install and use?
A: No, they are extremely easy to install and use. The sinks are self-contained and are on casters for easy mobility. The pump and hot water heater are located inside the cabinet, along with fresh and waste water tanks. Just roll the sink to the desired location, fill the fresh water tank and plug in to any 110 Volt, 20 AMP US standard electrical outlet and switch the pump/heater on. Note that some sinks are cold water only and operate by either a hand pump or a foot pump. Some models can be operated by battery or propane power.
Q: How do I empty and refill the water tanks?
A: Simply open the cabinet doors and remove the tanks. Fill the fresh water tank from a tap or hose. Empty the waste water tank in an appropriate drain. Fill and roll kits are available to make transporting the tanks easier.
Q: How do I clean the sink?
A: Clean the sink with non-abrasive cleaners and a soft cloth. Use a Steramine quaternary sanitizer to clean the drain and hot water system.
Q: Are there regulatory restrictions in using portable sinks?
A: Some municipalities and localities have guidelines or restrictions on the use of a portable sink in lieu of a plumbed sink. Please check with your local authorities if there is any question as to the permissibility before purchasing as it is difficult and expensive to return a sink.
Q: What is the product warranty period?
A: Manufacturer’s warranties are generally 1 year. Ozark River products carry a 2 year warranty.



Q: How is my sink delivered?
A: Please refer to our Shipping page for complete information.
Q: What is the delivery process?
A: Sinks weigh from 100 – 250 lbs. and are transported by freight carriers. Standard delivery is to the end of the truck with the customer responsible for unloading. This generally requires a fork lift or a loading dock. You can request a truck with a lift gate so the sink is lowered to ground level. Once at ground level, the sink can be uncrated and rolled on its casters to the desired location. If you need the sink delivered into a building, please contact us for special arrangements for inside delivery.
Q: Do you ship sinks to Canada?
A: Sinks made by some of our suppliers can be exported to Canada. They are NSF approved and should meet Canadian specifications. Please check any local regulations and contact us if you have any questions. Please contact us if you are unsure about the export status of a particular sink.


Payment and Financing

Q: Do you take Purchase Orders with payment after receipt of the product?
A: We deal with a number of governmental and school district customers on a purchase order basis. We would prefer prepayment, as we must pay vendors upon order or shipment. We will consider special arrangements on a case by case basis and encourage you to call us with your payment method needs.
Q: Do you offer financing with payments over time?
A: Yes. We outsource the provision of credit to another firm. Go to the Financing page on our home page for more information.
Q: Do I own the equipment at the end of the finance term?
A: All of the financing is structured as commercial lease-to-own and at the end of the term, the customer will own the equipment. Our financing source will discuss all the options with you.
Q: Do you rent portable sinks?
A: We do not rent portable sinks.



Q: What is your return policy?
A: Please refer to our Return Policies page for complete information. Sinks are difficult and expensive to return. Our Customer Support specialists are available to help you select the correct sink for your unique requirements.