Our commercial portable sinks are used in a variety of locations and applications:  food service kitchens, catering kitchens and outdoor events, salons, tattoo locations,  spas, artist studios and more. A no plumbing portable handwashing sink is an easy way to get hot and cold water where you need it. The convenient portability, a cabinet with water tanks on casters, makes it easy to roll the sink to the spot where you need it, plug it in and have hot and cold running water.  Stainless steel basins are great for long-lasting durability and easy cleanup.  We have models with deeper basins to make clean up of larger items easier.  In the food and restaurant business, cleanliness and germ prevention are critical. The portable, mobile stations are designed to meet health and safety regulations. Several of the styles are very useful in institutional settings such as: nursing homes and long-term care facilities that have buffet lines, restaurants, bars, job sites, cafeterias and many more. Choose the size that is best for your needs. Several models allow you to choose from 1, 2, 3 or even 4 basins in one highly mobile sink.  

Commercial Portable Sinks