4 Eco-Friendly Portable Sinks


4 Eco-Friendly Portable Sinks


At All Portable Sinks, we pride ourselves on providing a portable sink for any need. You’ll find portable classroom sinks, outdoor portable sinks, portable healthcare sinks, and more in our inventory. One type of portable sink that’s rising in popularity is eco-friendly portable sinks. These sinks have a lot to offer beyond their eco-friendly qualities. So, we rounded up five eco-friendly portable sinks to consider for your facility or event. 


What is an Eco-Friendly Portable Sink?


First, let’s dive into the general features of an eco-friendly portable sink. When a sink is considered eco-friendly, it is built with eco-friendly materials and processes. Basically, the sink manufacturer uses materials that are good for the environment. As a result, these sinks receive certifications for meeting the eco-friendly standards in production. 


Nessel brand that are certified eco-friendly and are LEED-certified, BPA-free, Eco-certified, and certified by FSC.


1. Nessel Portable Sink 36” Standard Height With Backsplash


The Nessel Portable Sink 36” Standard Height With Backsplash is a beautiful and durable portable sink. The link above leads to the white option, but blue and grey color options are also available. One thing you will appreciate with Nestl sinks is their modern and elegant design. For this sink, you’ll find a paper towel dispenser and automatic soap dispenser attached to the backsplash for extra convenience. Additionally, the sink is made of durable stainless steel and provides up to 70 hand washes per tank fill up. 


This cold water sink is created with eco-friendly materials too. The cabinet is made with non-toxic wood laminate, and the particle board is also non-toxic and formaldehyde with water-based solvents. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly portable sink that has everything you need in one place, this Nestl sink is an excellent option. 


2. Nessel Portable Sink 36” Standard Height


The Nessel Portable Sink 36” Standard Height is very similar to the previous sink, but this particular one does not have a backsplash. However, you still benefit from all of the eco-friendly features that Nestl sinks offer and can choose from white, grey, or blue color options. One feature that each Nestl sinks have available is a touchless faucet adapter. This adapter allows people to operate the faucet without touching the handle, which helps keep the sink area extra sanitary.


Whether you have a school, office, healthcare facility, or event space, this Nestl sink works seamlessly in any indoor area. It sits on four casters, so you can easily move this sink to where you need it. In addition, Nestl sinks only require a 110V 15 amp outlet, making it simple to set up and use in your facility.


3. Nessel Portable Sink 29” Child Height With Backsplash


If you manage a facility with children, you don’t have to sacrifice eco-friendly options for your portable sinks! Nessel created the Nessel Portable Sink 29” Child Height with Backsplash to provide children an opportunity for proper hand washing at a sink made for them. This is exactly like the Nessel standard height portable sink with backsplash, but just lower at a 29” child height. 


Everything is self-contained in this sink, including the paper towel dispenser, automatic soap dispenser, and the optional touchless faucet adaptor. Even with a lower sink height, this sink still holds the same size water tanks, providing about 70 hand washes per tank fill up. The Nestl Portable Sink 29” Child Height with Backsplash has everything you need for handwashing in your classroom!


4. Nessel Portable Sink 29” Child Height


Just like with the standard height versions, there is a Nessel child-height portable sink available without a backsplash. The Nessel Portable Sink 29” Child Height also comes with different color options and is flexible to move around your indoor facility. If you have a pediatric medical office or classroom in need of a handwashing station, this is a great choice because it’s mobile, compact, and easy for kids of all ages to use. Additionally, the touchless faucet adapter ensures kids don’t leave the water on too long and prevents water waste. Finally, the sleek design of the child-height Nestl sinks makes them an attractive addition to your school or office.



When you want to take care of the environment and encourage proper handwashing, these eco-friendly sinks are the perfect options. Check out our full inventory of eco-friendly sinks on our website and contact us with any questions. All Portable Sinks is committed to helping you provide a safe and clean environment for your staff and visitors. 


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