5 Reasons You May Need a Portable Sink


5 Reasons You May Need a Portable Sink

A portable sink may not be first on your list of things to include in your facility or event, but it should be! Offering a portable sink for frequent handwashing for your clients, customers, and staff is a great way to help everyone stay safe and healthy. With the rising popularity of portable sinks, you can find a variety of portable sink options. If you’re wondering if your situation would benefit from a portable sink, we have the most popular reasons below that you may need a portable sink.

1. You’re Serving Food to a Crowd 

Foodservice is the most obvious reason to include a portable sink, but it’s often forgotten! Whether you’re serving outdoors or indoors to 50 or 500 people, having portable sinks available is crucial to a safe event. It’s a good idea to have portable sinks available to staff preparing and serving food, plus the customers as well.

So what type of foodservice events need portable sinks the most? Honestly, any type of event that’s serving food! Food truck events, farmer’s markets, concerts, sporting events, fairs, and festivals. These are just a few, so if you’re serving food to the public, it may be a good idea to include a portable sink or two. All Portable Sinks offers portable sink options and handwashing stations for any setup, including NSF sinks certified by NSF and outdoor sinks.

2. You Have a Classroom of Children 

One thing is for sure about kids, no matter the age, they like to get messy! Children often want to share their mess with each other too. Unfortunately, many schools and childcare facilities may have limited plumbing and sink access to each classroom. This limitation is where portable sinks come in handy. With germs spreading like wildfire among kids, it’s a good idea to incorporate a classroom portable sink for proper and frequent handwashing. 

Classroom portable sinks apply to any age group and grade level. They are perfect additions to daycare facilities, preschools, elementary schools, and even for middle and high school classrooms. We have two categories of portable sinks that apply to children to make them a perfect fit for your situation. Choose either a classroom sink or a preschool/daycare sink. There are even portable sinks with diaper changing stations!

3. You’re Hosting an Outdoor Event 

An outdoor event is often surrounded by food, which we already discussed is a top reason you need a portable sink. Many outdoor events are centered around activities that should still include portable sinks or handwashing stations. We’re talking about events like a 5K or marathon race, concerts, petting zoos, concerts, and more. These events often feature activities that can get messy or dirty so that portable sinks can help transition to the next thing in the cleanest possible way.

All Portable Sinks features a wide variety of outdoor portable sinks designed to withstand outdoor elements and nature. This variety includes sinks that rely on electricity, battery, or a foot pump. Be sure to station portable sinks in high traffic areas to help everyone stay sanitized.

4. You Must Meet Licensing Regulations

A good reason to get a portable sink is that it’s required to continue operating. Different states and industries require facilities like healthcare, spas, salons, and more to have portable sinks to maintain their licensing requirements. Portable sinks help ensure that your staff and customers keep cleanliness a top priority.

We feature portable sink options specific to spashealthcare, and for any commercial need. If you’re unsure which sinks will meet your particular requirements, reach out to our team, and we’ll help you through your needs.

5. You Have Limited or No Plumbing in Your Facility

If sinks are hard to come by in your facility or at your event, then a portable sink is the perfect addition. Our sinks operate with water tanks, one for wastewater and one with clean water. Since no plumbing is required, this means that you can move the portable sink wherever you need it most in your facility. You can stay flexible and still provide handwashing opportunities to everyone. Many of our portable sinks operate on electricity, but other options don’t require electricity. Learn more about how portable sinks work.

Limited plumbing and electricity in your space just mean you have to get creative with proper hygiene practices. Our portable sinks will meet you where you are and work perfectly in your area. You don’t have to give up adequate handwashing in your unique space!

These five big reasons are ideal cases for portable sinks or handwashing stations. The great news is we have an inventory of different brands and sink purposes that will help you execute your goals or requirements for portable sinks. Visit our website today to get started and follow us on Facebook!