5 Reasons Your Staff Will Love A Portable Sink


5 Reasons Your Staff Will Love A Portable Sink


Portable sinks are essential for events, festivals, and other crowded places, but there are also benefits to adding an office portable sink for daily use. Consistent handwashing is crucial to maintaining a safe and clean working environment for your staff, and a portable sink will help you achieve that. There’s a lot to love about portable sinks, but we narrowed it down to five reasons your staff will love a portable sink in the office, breakroom, or warehouse. So, let’s dive into the benefits of a portable sink in your workplace. 




Your staff will appreciate the convenience a portable sink brings. No more walking to the other side of the building for handwashing or only relying on hand sanitizer. With a portable sink, you can bring a self-contained handwashing station to them. One of the most significant features of a portable sink is they are fully mobile, so you can move them wherever your staff will get the greatest use. Some convenient places for portable sinks are in the breakroom, warehouse, and office area. 


Many portable sinks available at All Portable Sinks include a soap dispenser and a paper towel dispenser on the sink. This makes it even more convenient for your staff because everything they need for proper hand washing is within arm’s reach. 


Easy to Use


A portable sink is easy to use for hand washing, just like a traditional sink! Portable sinks are durable and reliable, so nothing will get in the way of your staff using them multiple times a day. In addition, a hot and cold water sink allows you to easily access warm water to wash your hands.


At All Portable Sinks, we offer sinks with traditional faucets, hand pumpsfoot pumps, and automatic dispensers. All of these provide an easy and efficient handwashing experience. So no matter the portable sink you choose for your staff, rest assured it is easy and simple for everyone to use.


Simple Care & Maintenance


If your staff is also responsible for maintaining the portable sink, they will love the simple care and maintenance plan a portable sink offers. From the beginning, setting up a portable sink is easy. To make it even easier, we offer portable sinks that arrive fully assembled! Simply plug in the portable sink to a dedicated outlet, fill up the freshwater jug, connect both jugs, and you are ready for use.


We have a complete guide to caring for your portable sink for daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance. This portable sink cleaning guide will walk you through the steps to cleaning and maintaining your office’s portable sink. If your staff is also committed to taking care of the sink as they use it, like cleaning up spills, your sink will stay in pristine condition for a long time.


Encourages Proper Hygiene 


In an office or work facility with dozens or hundreds of people, germs are bound to be spread. You can help reduce the number of germs spread, and hopefully, illnesses spread too, through proper handwashing. When you provide stations for your staff to wash their hands throughout the day, they are more likely to wash their hands. 


Your staff will love that you are taking intentional steps to help prevent the spread of germs around the office. For example, if your team is washing their hands frequently throughout the day, it reduces the chance your staff gets sick and spreads it to coworkers. In addition, we offer portable sinks that feature hands-free operation, which further reduces the spreading of germs. You can help keep your staff healthy and the office clean with a portable hand washing sink!


Portable Sinks for Offices, Warehouses, and Breakrooms


At All Portable Sinks, we’re passionate about offering portable sinks for all different needs. We feature a variety of portable sinks that work well in an office setting. For power sources, we provide sinks that operate on electricity and through other power sources. If your office or warehouse has limited electricity available, consider one of our foot-pump-powered sinkshand-pump-powered sinks, or a battery-powered portable sink. Additionally, our electric-powered portable sinks are very simple to set up and only require a dedicated 120V outlet. 


We also offer portable sinks with cold water only and hot and cold water. Your staff will appreciate a hot and cold water portable sink because washing hands with warm water is more comfortable. These are just several features of our portable sinks for offices, so we encourage you to view our full inventory online.



In a society with all types of office perks, a portable sink should be at the top of the list. Your staff will truly appreciate the extra thought you put into the safety and wellness of the office facility and employees. Portable sinks are convenient, easy to use and maintain, and reduce the spread of germs. If you’re ready to bring a portable sink, or two, into your office, contact us today!


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