5 Ways a Portable Sink Would Improve An Outdoor Event

We’ve covered many different ways that a portable sink can benefit business, organizations, and even hobbies. If you will be hosting or participating in an outdoor event, you may find that an outdoor portable sink can be just as beneficial in this setting as well. Here are a few different outdoor events where a portable sink would be incredibly helpful, as well as some featured sinks from our website!

Foodie Festivals

Any event that focuses on eating and cooking food can benefit from having a portable sink, but when it’s an outdoor event, it will benefit even more so! There are many times that washing your hands is a beneficial practice, but according to the CDC, before, during and after food  preparation is one time, and before eating is another.

For some locations, having a sink for food preparation is so important that there are specific rules you must comply with like water temperatures, soap availability, and even having paper towels with the unit. Thankfully, we have several sinks that can meet these standards. We even have a sink with a designated hand washing basin and other basins for food prep.

Commercial Four Basin Portable Sink - Monsam

The Monsam Large Commercial 4 Basin Portable Sink features three 10” deep basins PLUS a separate 6” deep handwashing station. It features a durable and easy to clean stainless steel top, with integrated drain boards and back splash. Designed for restaurants, food vendors and outdoor festivals.  

Work Sites

It's no surprise that construction can be a dirty job. This is why it’s so important to provide the essential tools for your team so that they can clean up easily with plenty of accessibility. Portable sinks for construction sites are able to handle tough requirements, as well as keeping your workers from having to settle for hand sanitizer. Because our sinks provide both hot and cold water, your team can properly remove grease or heavy metals from their skin.

Outdoor Concerts & Festivals

While outdoor concerts and festivals aren’t known for being the most sanitary place, you can  change that by including outdoor portable sinks. The CDC has proven that hand sanitizers don’t work as well at removing dirt and germs as well as good old fashioned soap and water. Because outdoor festivals are “outdoor” there will obviously be more dirt and mud, so providing your guests with a place to rinse away the dirt and dust will be appreciated.


Camping is another location where sanitation isn’t always listed high on the priority list - but what if it could be? A portable sink allows you to provide both hot and cold water in locations where plumbing isn’t available. The hot water improves the ability to wash away germs, while the cold side provides fresh, safe water to use for cooking at the campsite or even washing dishes.

Battery Powered Portable Sink-Cold Water only by Monsam

This battery-powered, self-contained portable sink by Monsam provides a basic hand and utensil-washing solution for all sorts of purposes both indoors and outdoors! It is compact enough to fit almost anywhere without getting in the way.

Weddings & Parties

Outdoor weddings are still increasing in popularity, and many of these are being held in rustic locations or other areas that is away from a  traditional bathroom. If you provide portable toilets for your wedding venue wedding, it can also be a great idea to provide portable sinks as well. Guests will be eating and drinking the wedding, and you’ll also have catering staff working at the wedding as well. The reasons for providing proper sanitation stations are obvious.

Ozark River Nature Series Pro1 or Pro3 Hot/Cold Water Portable Sink-Single or Triple Basin

The Ozark River Nature Series Pro Portable Sink is an indoor/outdoor hot and cold water sink with the choice of one or three basins. Bring hot water hand washing outdoors.

All Portable Sinks Can Help

Outdoor plastic sinks are the perfect solution for all types of outdoor events and situations where regular plumbing is not an option. You don't have to sacrifice hot and cold water for proper hygiene when you use All Portable Sinks. Visit our website to learn more about our sinks, as well as view the different models and styles. Have questions? We would love to answer them! Try out our Chat feature on our website throughout the week or give us a call. Don’t forget that we PRICE MATCH as well!

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