6 Best Selling Portable Sinks


As the demand for portable sinks increases across the country in many different industries, we are highlighting our best selling sinks and what makes these portable sinks stand out from the rest.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought additional attention to the need for proper hand hygiene. Effective hand washing significantly reduces the risk of spreading germs like the flu and other viruses. 

Children and adults need to be able to wash their hands frequently for at least 20 seconds at a time.

Portable sinks are a convenient way to add additional hand washing stations without the need for additional plumbing. Portable hand washing sinks are fully contained units that can be moved and positioned where there is a need to increase access to hand hygiene.

Here are 6 of our Best Selling Portable Sinks: 

1. Jonti-Craft Clean Hands Helper 26” Child Height Hot and Cold Water Portable  Sink. 

 Our best selling sinks are the Clean Hands Helper 26” model sinks. One has a plastic basin and the other has a stainless steel basin. We list them separately on our site.

Jonti-craft clean hands helper portable sinks, one with child, one with stainless steel sink

This sink has both hot and cold running water and is created for children to be able to easily reach the sink. Constructed from high quality materials in the USA, it is designed for high traffic areas.  The water pump has a flow rate of up to half a gallon per minute. A catch tray under the tanks contains any spills. Different tank connectors means the clean and waste water tanks cannot be inadvertently switched. Plastic and Stainless Steel basins are approximately 5” deep. 

Often purchased by schools, preschools and head start programs to provide children with access to warm and cold running water. 

The Clean Hands Helper 26” portable sink provides warm and cold running water at the perfect height for young children and can be easily rolled into placed anywhere a sink is needed. Designed for indoor use and it requires an electrical outlet to operate the pump and heater. 

Jonti-craft clean hands helper portable sink open view


2. Jonti-Craft Clean Hands Helper 38” Standard Height Hot and Cold Water Portable Sink

 Like the child height version, this 38” standard height version has two models: one with plastic basin and one with a stainless steel basin. Designed and manufactured in the USA, this sink has the same great features as the 26” Clean Hands Helper, but is at a standard sink height. Adults and teens can easily access this sink. When used with a Jonti-Craft step stool, children can also use this sink so it can be a great solution when you need a portable sink that is used by multiple ages. 


 3. Ozark River Premier Standard Height Sink with ABS basin and counter


The Ozark River Premier Series Hot Water Sink is a 38"H portable hand washing sink that operates without plumbing.  Just fill tank and plug in to operate. It comes in black, maple or white giving you options for your space. The Premier Series sink with ABS counter features an integrated  splash guard.  Comes with a top-fill liquid soap dispenser and quick connect hoses for easy tank removal and set up. A water heater provides the user with on demand hot water. The standard cabinet size fits perfectly in restaurants, food/beverage serving, hospitality, spas, classrooms, medical and healthcare rooms and many other commercial applications. 

We have sold this sink to customers in many different industries and it functions well in a variety of high traffic settings. 

4. Ozark River Lil’ Premier Child Height Sink


The Lil’ Premier child height sink comes in blue with a white counter top, or maple with a black counter and basin. This child height sink is used by schools around the country when they need to increase hand washing stations. The seamless design of the integrated ABS counter and basin make it easy to clean and eliminates the possibility of germs collecting where the basin and counter meet. The backsplash helps to protect the walls behind the unit which is a great feature in a preschool classroom.

The Ozark River Lil’ Premier is an award winning portable hand washing station for children, recognized for its durability, quality, age appropriateness, and safety. The 30” height of this unit is just the right size for out-of-the-way, under-the-counter storing in a classroom short on extra space.  The sink can be easily moved on its casters to any desired location to allow compliance with hand washing criteria for young children.  Comes with a top-fill liquid soap dispenser and quick connect hoses for easy tank removal and set up. A water heater provides the user with on demand hot water for warm water hand washing! Great for daycares, head start programs, preschools, classrooms, community centers and healthcare offices.


5. Ozark River Elite Pro 1 Portable Hot Water Sink with Stainless Steel Basin

The Elite Pro1 portable sink combines is a food grade compliant hot water sink with a stainless steel counter and basin. The built in soap and paper towel dispensers make this sink an all-in-one hand washing station. The Elite Pro1 is a durable, well constructed, easily moveable mobile hand washing sink. Comes with quick connect hoses for easy tank removal and set up. A water heater provides the user with on demand hot water. A great food service portable sink. Can be used at grocery stores, catering events, server stations, food trucks, outdoor concession stands, mobile trailers, trade shows, and many locations where food and beverages are being served. 

6. Jonti-Craft Clean Hands Helper 26” Child Height COLD WATER ONLY Portable sink.

 As we highlighted in a previous blog, cold water is just as effective as warm water for hand washing when done properly because it’s the friction, soap and technique that destroys the most germs. 

If you are looking for a cold water portable sink for children, the Clean Hands Helper 26" Cold Water portable sink by Jonti-Craft is a great choice. The cold water version will save you money over the warm water model which can add up when purchasing a high volume for a school district. 

Made with the same high quality materials as the other Clean Hands Helper sinks by Jonti-Craft this sink is durable and great for high traffic ares. This sink has a  pump for water flow but no heater. It has a locking cabinet and gooseneck faucet. Different tank connectors means the clean and waste water tanks cannot be inadvertently switched. The power switch for sink operation is inside the locking cabinet which keep sit safe from little hands. The cabinet is constructed with Baltic Birch, a birch plywood that comes with a UV acrylic finish. It is the strongest plywood available. Made in the USA. A great option for preschools, daycares and head start programs to encourage hand hygiene and ensure preschoolers are washing their hands to reduce the spread of germs.


All of these sinks come with different counter or cabinet variations, depending on the sink giving you options for your space and budget. Our Best Selling Portable sinks are manufactured n the USA by companies that make high quality, durable products. Portable sinks can be a great solution for convenient hand washing. Let us know if you have any questions about any of these products. Our customer service team can help you choose the right sink for your space, budget and shipping needs.


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