Advantages to Having a Portable Sink in Your Automotive Shop

When it comes to dirty jobs, auto mechanic is toward the top of the list. You have grease, dirt and grime everywhere, on your hands, tools, parts, etc. Having a portable sink in your automotive shop will make getting the job done so much easier. The convenient portability of our portable commercial sinks makes it easy to roll the sink to the spot where you need it, plug it in and have hot and cold running water. The stainless steel basins are great for long-lasting durability and easy cleanup. Keep reading to learn about some of the advantages of having a portable sink in your automotive repair shop.


Easy Handwashing

When working on cars, it’s easy to get grease all over your hands and arms. When moving from project to project, you have to take the time to go over to wherever the sink is, wash up and then start the cycle all over again. Wouldn’t it be more convenient and time efficient to have the sink come to you? Investing in a portable sink from All Portable sinks is your solution. With our mobile sinks, you can easily roll it over to the area you’re working in for easy access to hot and cold running water!


Convenient Tool Clean Up

Not only are our sinks great for handwashing, but you can also use them to clean off tools and anything else that may have gotten grease on it. Instead of dragging the tools across your shop, possibly leaving a trail of grease, you can bring the sink to the tools. Again this saves time and therefore money, because in any business time is money.

Parts Washing Sink

Having a separate sink for washing parts can also come in handy. You can easily roll the sink over to the automobile you’re working on for quick and easy parts washing. Our deep basin sinks are perfect for this task. They provide ample room to manage washing parts, and make it easy to remove grease and other chemicals from the parts before you put them back on.

At All Portable Sinks, we have a wide variety of sinks to choose from. For automotive shops, we suggest the deep basin style sinks so there’s plenty of room to fit tools and parts in them. Our Ozark River Deep Basin Premier Portable Sink with a stainless steel top is a great choice! The deep stainless steel basin gives you extra sink space, and it comes with a top-fill liquid soap dispenser. The quick connect hoses make for easy tank removal and setup. A hot water heater provides the user with on demand hot water. If you’re looking for more counter space to set your parts and tools on, try the Ozark River Advantage Series with stainless steel top and deep basin. The extra-long cabinet gives you both more counter space and more storage!


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