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All Portable Sinks is proud to offer quality portable sinks at great prices! In order to do this, we work with several different manufacturers that create a variety of different sink options. In today’s blog, we would like to highlight one of those manufacturers. Keep reading to learn all about Jonti-Craft and the sinks that we offer from them.

About Jonti-Craft

Jonti-Craft is an independent, family company that manufacturers children’s furniture. Since 1979, they have been the leading manufacturer of children’s’ furniture. Their mission is to deliver safe, feature-rich, superior-quality children’s furniture for a lifetime of learning.


Jonti-Craft Sinks from All Portable Sinks

At All Portable Sinks, we are proud to be able to offer quality products like those made by Jonti-Craft. Our portable sinks by Jonti-Craft feature heights for both children and adults. They can be used in preschools, day care centers, Head Start classrooms and more. Where you need movable, self-contained sinks, you can trust All Portable Sinks to meet your needs. Easy access to hand washing, with hot water, is critical to good hygiene in a children's setting.


Jonti-Craft Clean Hands Helper 26”

The Jonti-Craft Clean Hands Helper 26” is a child-height portable handwashing station that operates without plumbing. It is a great option for schools and daycares that need to add a sink! This sink comes with either a plastic basin or a stainless steel basin. Encourage good handwashing habits and help keep everyone healthy while meeting licensing requirements.


Jonti-Craft Clean Hands Helper 38”

The Jonti-Craft Clean Hands Helper 38” is similar to the child’s sink, but tall enough for adults to use! This sink also comes with either a plastic basin or a stainless steel one. These sinks offer both hot and cold, on-demand water without the need for plumbing.


Check out all of our Jonti-Craft brand sinks and accessories here:


Interested in other great products by Jonti-Craft? Visit our site to see children's furniture, decor and equipment for classrooms and waiting rooms.


At All Portable Sinks, our commitment is to provide our customers with high quality portable sinks and accessories that are both convenient and well-designed, helping you provide a clean, safe environment for those who matter the most to you, your own children and clients.


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