Benefits of a Diaper Changing Table With A Portable Sink


Benefits of a Diaper Changing Table With A Portable Sink


A diaper changing station is essential in daycare facilities, church nurseries, and any infant childcare setting. You likely have several infants and toddlers that need a diaper change at once, and a commercial diaper changing station makes it safe and straightforward. But what happens after the diaper change? Handwashing for the caregivers is crucial, but it’s inconvenient when a sink isn’t nearby. This is where a diaper changing table with a portable sink comes in!


This product contains a fully functional portable sink attached to a commercial diaper changing table. Even if your facility has traditional sink options, offering a diaper changing table with a portable sink is incredibly useful to your childcare workers. Let’s dive into some of the benefits of this product.


Everything You Need in One Place


The biggest pro to a diaper changing station with a portable sink is it’s incredibly convenient. You have everything you need for diaper changes in one place. Many commercial diaper changing stations have storage for wipes, diapers, and other necessities, plus you also get the benefit of all the handwashing tools within reach when a handwashing station is attached. As a result, caregivers can easily wash their hands in between changing infants.


Even when you need soap and water to help with the clean-up process, you have it very close by. When caring for young children, it’s always wise to have necessities for the baby’s care or clean up nearby. A diaper changing table with a portable sink provides that convenience for your daycare, church nursery, and childcare facility.



Stay Safe & Clean


Commercial baby changing stations must follow specific requirements to keep the infant safe. Even with safety protocols built-in, it is never recommended to leave the baby unattended for any reason, even to wash hands. Caregivers should not skip washing hands or moving on to another child or activity before properly washing their hands. A diaper changing table with a portable sink lets you wash your hands immediately after caring for an infant without leaving the infant unattended. 


This great benefit of a diaper changing station and portable sink allows caregivers to keep the protection of the children in their care the first priority. Childcare workers don’t have to sacrifice cleanliness for safety, though. The design of these unique changing stations makes it possible to properly wash your hands and maintain full attention on the infant.


Saves Time


Time is the most valuable resource for workers and volunteers that are caring for infants and toddlers. There are usually several small children per adult caregiver in the classroom, which means time is divided. You can help caregivers save time with multiple diaper changes at once by providing a diaper changing station with a portable sink. This type of diaper changing table makes the whole process more efficient.


Your childcare facility probably has its own requirements for diaper changing and sanitizing with multiple infants. A diaper changing table with a portable sink lets your workers keep up with handwashing and sanitizing between changing each infant without it taking up the entire day. The reason is that everything is centrally located in that station, which saves time for caregivers.


Ozark River Child Diaper Changing Station Portable Sink



One option for a diaper changing table with a portable sink is the Ozark River Child Diaper Changing Station Portable Sink, the Kiddie Station. This Kiddie Station features all of the benefits we’ve mentioned here, like convenience, safety, and efficiency. In addition, there are several other great benefits to this portable sink changing station that make it a perfect fit in daycares, church nurseries, and any infant childcare facility.


This portable product moves on wheels, so you simply roll it where you need it and plug it in. You’ll now have hot and cold water conveniently available! The changing table itself has storage cabinets below and features a 7-inch deep changing deck. It even includes a 1-inch thick changing pad. Contact us today to find out more about Ozark River’s Child Diaper Changing Station Portable Sink.


When your childcare facility doesn’t have a handwashing station convenient to the diaper changing tables, it can be less efficient for workers to care for several infants. Choosing a changing table with a portable sink gives all of your needed supplies in one place on a durable changing table and handwashing station. In addition, having your supplies and handwashing sink in one place means caregivers can save time when changing multiple diapers at once and safely sanitize in between infants. It’s an ideal solution for your infant rooms! 


All Portable Sinks provides the portable sinks you need in your childcare and school facilities to keep everyone safe, healthy, and clean. Contact our team today to learn about the portable sinks we offer specifically for childcare facilities. We invite you to stay connected with All Portable Sinks on Facebook and Instagram!