Best Practices for Outdoor Portable Sinks


Best Practices for Outdoor Portable Sinks


An outdoor sink is a wonderful addition to your event or outdoor facility. It allows your guests and staff to keep their hands clean without skipping a beat in the great outdoors. Once you purchase an outdoor portable sink, there are best practices to get the best use. We genuinely want you to find success with your outdoor portable sink, which means it works seamlessly with your event or facility. Let’s dive into some best practices for outdoor portable sinks.


Keep it Stocked


When you’re outside, it isn’t easy to constantly run inside to restock items like paper towels and soap. At a significant outside event, the extra stock could be quite the walk to access. Even if your outdoor area isn’t that big, soap and paper towels get used frequently. The remedy to this is to make sure your outdoor portable sink is fully stocked at the beginning of the day. Our outdoor portable sinks are designed to make this an easy process for you as well.


Many outdoor portable sinks come with paper towel dispensers and soap dispensers, making it easy to fully stock the items while keeping that professional aesthetic. If your outdoor portable sink doesn’t have cabinets, it’s a good idea to keep the stock nearby. You will need to have close access to water to refill the tanks, so having your paper towel and soap stocked with it works well.


While checking the stock at the beginning or end of the day is crucial, it’s also wise to check it during high-traffic times. Checking your inventory during high-traffic times is especially true for food truck festivals or any other outdoor event involving food. The CDC tells us that handwashing is absolutely essential when preparing or handling food, so this is when you need your outdoor handwashing station the most. Keeping your outdoor portable sink stocked at all times will keep your guests and staff happy.


Daily Care is Essential


Your outdoor portable sink is built with high-quality materials to withstand typical outdoor conditions. It’s still essential to provide daily care and cleaning to your outdoor portable sink. We have a complete guide to portable sink care that covers daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. Here are the basics and specific care items for outdoor portable sinks. 


  • Wipe down any excess water on the sink. Even though this is a sink where water flows, it’s not meant to stay wet on the surfaces.
  • Disinfect your outdoor portable sink at least once a day. It’s wise to disinfect the sink surfaces after a large crowd too.
  • Protect the outdoor portable sink from harsh weather. Your sink is built to handle normal outdoor conditions. That said, be sure to bring the sink inside during inclement weather and when temperatures are expected below 45 degrees.
  • Ensure the fresh water tank is filled and the wastewater tank is emptied to prevent damage to the pump.


Taking good care of your outdoor portable sink will lead to a long life for the sink. These care tips and the complete care guide are simple things you can do to your opening and closing routine. You don’t want to get in a bind with an outdoor sink breaking down in the middle of an event, so take note of these care and cleaning tips to successfully add handwashing to your outdoor space.


Have the Right Number of Sinks


If you’re planning an outdoor event or gathering with many people planning to attend, you should consider the number of sinks you have. It’s also a good idea to consider where you place these outdoor portable sinks too. People will notice the placement and number of outdoor sinks available for handwashing.


The last thing you want to occur in the middle of a busy campsite or lunch hour at a food truck event is a long line of people waiting to wash their hands at the portable sink. People may see the crowd and just opt out of washing their hands or become impatient. Plan out your event or outdoor space ahead of time to strategically place the outdoor portable sinks for handwashing. Place them near food and beverage stations, messy projects, and restrooms.


If you’re unsure what portable sinks you need for your event or outdoor facility, reach out to our team. We are happy to help you determine what outdoor handwashing stations are suitable for you and how many you need to be successful. Our outdoor portable sinks are flexible to fit your outside conditions. We offer outdoor sinks that are battery-powered, propane gas-powered, hand pump-to-foot pump configurations, and electric powered.



Outdoor portable sinks are excellent additions to your outdoor event, facility, or job site. Your staff and guests will truly be thankful for the opportunity to clean their hands and jump right back into the outdoor activities. Take these best practices to heart so you can get the best use out of your outdoor portable sink. See our entire line of outdoor portable sinks and follow us on Facebook for more portable sink tips!