Portable Sinks and Children: Do's And Don'ts


Portable Sinks & Children: Do's And Don'ts


When you’re searching for portable sinks for children, there are a lot of things to consider. Often, your childcare facility or school has to meet specific regulations with a portable classroom sink, so first and foremost, you want to ensure your sink is acceptable. What about beyond that? We want you, your staff, and the children you’re caring for to have the most success with your portable sinks. Here are some common do’s and don’ts when it pertains to portable sinks for children.



  • Choose the right sink.


At All Portable Sinks, we offer a portable sink for just about any situation or need. Our inventory geared specifically for children will go a long way to help children use the sink properly for the long term. Some of our portable sinks for children are the Jonti-Craft Clean Hands Helper 26″ Portable Sink and the Ozark River Lil’ Premier Splash Portable Sink. These are especially popular because they are at the perfect child height. In addition, our classroom portable sinks page has even more options that can fit specific needs for your classroom. 


  • Make it a class job to tidy up the sink.


This is a win-win scenario! You get to help kids learn good responsibility and the portable sink gets its necessary daily care. We have a whole post on how to care for your portable sink that details daily, weekly, and monthly tasks to keep your portable sink in the best condition. Many of these can be done with little hands, helping or even completing some of the assignments independently! For example, kids can practice wiping down the sink area and checking tanks to let the adult know if it’s time to empty or refill.


  • Use the portable sink as an opportunity to teach proper handwashing.


Like everything else in a child’s early years, they have to be taught how to wash their hands properly. What a perfect way to teach them with a sink that’s at their height and comfort level! The CDC has a simple 5 step process for washing your hands that children can learn and practice from. First, gather the class around to show them how it’s done, and then line the class up for lots of practice. Of course, these handwashing tips are still practical if you just have a cold water sink too.


  • Include proper accessories to help kids be successful


All Portable Sinks offers different accessories that can enhance your experience with a portable sink for children. For example, if you have varying ages and heights using the portable sink, you can include a sturdy step stool for easy access. We have a variety of step stools that can give you a small or large boost in height. In addition, you can find a paper towel holder and backsplash to keep your sink area dry. Other accessories also help with caring for your portable sink more efficiently, which is especially important to consider if you plan for high traffic daily.




  • Allow children to use the portable sink unsupervised.


Your students will likely be eager to experience the portable sink in the classroom because it’s something made just for them. Depending on the age of the children, it’s a good idea always to have adult supervision when children are operating the portable sink. Many classroom sinks have hot water, so it’s essential to monitor a child’s use. One of the most vital factors when caring for your sink is to keep the sink area dry from spilled water. Kids might go overboard on water and soap usage, so monitoring the portable sink area at all times is vital.


  • Leave the portable sink in a potentially unsafe area.


A portable sink is absolutely a safe addition to your classroom, even for young students. Taking extra precautions on the front end will help keep it a safe and effective tool for children. One of the great features of our portable sinks is using the wheels to move the sink exactly where you need it. Make sure the wheels are in a locked position to avoid any possible damage or accidents. You will also want to ensure your portable sink is in a dry area without any potential hazards surrounding it. Placing your classroom portable sink in a clean, dry area with a dedicated outlet will help everyone stay safe and get the most out of the sink.



Preparing for a portable sink for children doesn’t have to be stressful or time-consuming. A short amount of planning can go a long way to help your students stay healthy throughout the year. These do’s and don’ts will give you more success with your portable sink. If you’re unsure which sink is suitable for your classroom or childcare facility, reach out to us, and our team will help you find your perfect fit. Follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date with All Portable Sinks.