Creative Handwashing Activities

Handwashing is the best defense against germs, bacteria and viruses that cause illness and infection. Children often don’t take the time to wash their hands properly. Make it fun for them by using games, songs and more. Keep reading for some activities from All Portable Sinks that will help make handwashing fun!


Activity to Teach How Germs Spread

Take some glitter or flour and put it on a couple children’s hands. Then have them shake hands with the other children. After everyone has shaken hands with at least two other children, ask everyone if they have anything on their hands. Explain that this is how easily germs can be spread when we don’t wash our hands. Do the activity again, but have those with flour or glitter on their hands wash them first. Show the difference in how those “germs” are eliminated through handwashing.


Handwashing Songs

Singing about handwashing is a great way to make the task fun! Try this song from Teaching Mama that is sung to the tune of “Row Your Boat”:

Wash, wash, wash your hands,

Soap will make them clean,

Scrub the germs ‘til they fall off,

Germs go down the drain.


Or try this song from Livestrong that is sung to the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”:

Twinkle, twinkle little star,

Look how clean my two hands are.

Soap and water, wash and scrub,

Get those germs off rub-a-dub

Twinkle, twinkle little star,

Look how clean my two hands are.


Not only do these songs make hand washing more fun, but they also provide a time gauge for children to know how long to wash.


Handwashing Chart

Turn handwashing into a fun game by creating a handwashing chart for children to track their handwashing activity. Each time a child correctly follows the steps of proper handwashing, he or she will receive a sticker for the handwashing chart. Add to the fun by providing the children with appealing scented soaps and unique, colorful towels for drying their hands.


Sinking Germs Bean Bag Game

Developed by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension and the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department, the “Sink Those Germs” game makes learning about germs and handwashing fun. When playing this game, children try to “sink germs” by tossing bean bag germs into a container. The game uses 6 bean bags that correspond to the 6 different times it’s important to wash your hands: using the bathroom, sneezing, blowing your nose or coughing, playing with pets, touching a cut or open sore, playing outside and before eating. Visit for free, printable materials to use for this game. 


Our child-height portable sinks make it easy to teach proper handwashing techniques anywhere you are, even when you don’t have traditional plumbing. In the daycare or preschool setting, it’s critical to prevent the spread of germs. That’s why academic facilities across the country appreciate a convenience, hygienic, mobile sink that can make hand washing easier and help prevent absenteeism. All Portable Sinks are great for Headstart programs, classrooms, preschools, community learning centers and more!


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