Do I Need a Portable Sink With Hot Water?


Do I Need a Portable Sink With Hot Water?


These days you have quite a few options available for your portable sink. There are different counter heights, power options, designs, and more. One popular feature people enjoy is a portable sink with hot water. Is it always necessary, though? It depends! We’re here to help decide if you need a hot water portable sink or if you can manage without it. 


First, we should note that research tells us that washing your hands with cold water doesn’t reduce the effectiveness of handwashing. Effective hand washing comes down to proper technique. However, there are circumstances where hot water for handwashing is preferred or required. So, here are some scenarios you may or may not need a portable sink with hot water.  


Reasons you may need a portable sink with hot water:


  • Healthcare or food facility


If you have a healthcare facility or food-related facility, it’s probably required that you have hot water available in sinks. Before purchasing a portable sink, always check with your government and facility regulations to ensure you stay in line with what’s required. There are specific healthcare and NSF portable sinks aligned with the strict standards in these industries for sanitation.


  • Classroom or childcare facility


Like the industries above, schools and daycares also have regulations and requirements for hot water and sinks. Beyond the requirements, hot water portable sinks make it easier for kids who are just learning proper handwashing techniques. With warm water, kids may be more willing to practice washing their hands longer and more often. Always supervise sink use with children, especially younger children.


  • Serve many clients or customers


The other purpose of a portable sink with hot water is comfort. People just prefer washing their hands with warm water because it feels better. So, if you’re a business that offers a portable sink to many clients or customers, you may need a hot water portable sink to help everyone feel more comfortable with handwashing. In addition, people are less likely to rush through or skip washing their hands if there’s warm water available.



Reasons you may NOT need a portable sink with hot water:


  • Limited or no electricity available


One of the great benefits of portable sinks is you don’t need electricity. If your facility has no electricity or minimal availability, you probably should consider a portable cold water sink. There are several cold water sinks that don’t require electricity


  • Outdoor portable sink


Outdoor portable sinks are great for camping, outdoor facilities, or events. They are also great for handwashing in the midst of crowded and busy outdoor activities. Using a cold water portable sink is an excellent choice for outdoors and makes the sink more portable since you aren’t relying on electricity for the water heater. 


  • Save money and resources


Did you know cold water portable sinks help you save money? You use less energy and resources with cold water sinks, which can save your business money. Without a water heater, your sink uses less electricity and energy to operate. You can save even more by choosing a cold water sink operated by foot or hand pump.



Popular Hot Water Portable Sinks


If you’ve decided a portable sink with hot water is best for your business or facility, there are several to choose from that can meet your specific needs. All Portable Sinks has hot water portable sinks for healthcare, schools, commercial, outdoor, and more. Contact us or view our inventory online to stay updated with what’s available. 


The Ozark River Advantage Portable Hot Water Sink is perfect for all industries from schools to healthcare to food serving and more. It offers extended storage, plus on-demand hot water for handwashing. This sink is available in white, maple, and black to fit perfectly with your facility’s design!


The Crown Verity 10 Gallon Stainless Steel Portable Handwashing Sink – Hot & Cold 1 Basin is a versatile sink to fit your needs. This particular sink has one basin, but it’s also available with two or three basins. Use it outside or inside and even hook up the city water and drain for extra convenience. In addition, Crown Verity included a paper towel and soap dispensers to give you everything you need in one place for proper handwashing.


The Monsam Portable Handwashing and Sanitizing Station provides everything you need for a clean and safe environment. This sink features soap and towel dispensers, a trash bin, and holders for hand sanitizers and gloves holders. It’s available in various colors and moves on casters to place it exactly where you need it, even outdoors!



Before choosing a portable sink, make sure you are up-to-date with your industry’s and facility’s requirements for hot water. Our team at All Portable Sinks is also here to help you in any way we can. Whether you need a portable sink with hot water or just a cold water portable sink, there are options available at All Portable Sinks to meet your needs and requirements. View our inventory on our website and contact us today with any questions!



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