Does Your Event Need A Portable Sink?


Does Your Event Need A Portable Sink?


You’ve probably seen that portable sinks are great permanent additions to classrooms, childcare facilities, medical offices, spas, and more. But are portable sinks still a good option for events that only require a portable sink for a few hours or days? Absolutely! Portable sinks for events are perfect additions because they encourage proper handwashing and are flexible to place where you need them. So how do you know if your event requires a portable sink? We’re convinced that every event of all sizes needs portable sinks, but here are some key characteristics of events that significantly benefit from portable sinks.


Serving Food


Serving food and drinks is a major reason you would need a portable sink at your event. Both food preparers and event guests need to wash their hands properly before handling and consuming food. Depending on how large or small your event is, you may need multiple portable sinks so everyone can comfortably wash their hands. 


There are two primary purposes for portable sinks at events that serve food. First, your staff preparing and serving food need a portable sink with different components than guests who will use the sink for handwashing. All Portable Sinks offers NSF portable sinks that work well with preparing food or cleaning food utensils like the Ozark River Elite Pro 3 Portable Hot Water Sink Three Basin and the Monsam Compact Black Four Basin Portable Sink


For handwashing, your guests will want easy access to a handwashing station that will allow them to wash their hands efficiently before consuming food. There are several sink options to choose from based on the size of your event. For example, the Crown Verity 5 Gallon Polyethylene Portable Handwashing Sink is great for indoor and outdoor events and provides paper towels and a soap dispenser close by.


Large Crowds


In an event, both inside and outside, surrounded by a large number of people, it’s even more important to stop the spread of germs.


Setting up for an event in a large area with large crowds expected can be tedious. Portable Sinks are built to make transporting and set up simple. For example, many of our portable sinks like the Crown Verity 5 Gallon Stainless Steel Portable Handwashing Sink come fully assembled and include wheels for easy moving. There are many options to make handwashing accessible at your large event.


Outdoor Events 


Outdoor events can sometimes pose a challenge for handwashing and food prep. All Portable Sinks has an entire line of outdoor portable sinks designed and built for outside and nature. So whether you are serving food outside or need multiple handwashing stations outside, there’s an outdoor portable sink to meet your needs. 


Whether your outdoor event has access to indoor sinks or not, it’s wise to offer portable handwashing stations outdoors. Positioning handwashing stations nearby will keep your guests happy as they can properly wash their hands and then move on with the event’s activities without much interruption. The Crown Verity Touchless Portable Economy Handwashing Sink features a handle, heavy-duty wheels, and a slim design, making it easy to transport outside for events. If your outdoor event doesn’t have electricity access, keep reading for options that you can use for your event. 


Limited Indoor Facility


If your event space has limited plumbing or electrical access, a portable sink is your best option. We offer several portable sinks that operate by battery, propane, and hand and foot pump. These portable sinks options allow you to utilize your desired event space without worrying about plumbing or electrical access for sinks. Event planners and directors will also have peace of mind that staff and guests can access proper handwashing stations. 


Battery and propane-powered sinks work well for indoor and outdoor events and even provide hot water heated by propane. Foot pump sinks, and hand pump sinks are easy to operate and provide options for outdoor and indoor events. All of our portable sinks work with water tanks that you can refill and empty as needed. Bottom line, you don’t have to settle if you don’t have electrical or plumbing capabilities at your event. There’s a portable sink that can work with your unique needs. 



All Portable Sinks is here to help your event run smoothly with portable sink solutions. For your food prep and serving staff, our portable sinks will help them handle food safely. In addition, event guests can wash their hands with soap and towel dispensers built-in for their convenience. If you’re planning an indoor or outdoor event, reach out to our All Portable Sinks team to learn more about how a portable sink can provide value to your event.



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