Five Useful Portable Sink Accessories


5 Useful Portable Sink Accessories


Congratulations, you chose a portable sink for your facility or event! However, before you get started with your handwashing station, there are portable sink accessories you should consider that can add to the functionality of your portable sink. Self-contained sinks are built to maximize every inch of space, and these valuable accessories will give you more convenience and flexibility.


Step Stool


For portable sinks used by adults and children, a step stool is a handy accessory. Instead of ordering a regular step stool from a store, use a step stool from the same manufacturer as your portable sink. For example, Jonti-Craft and Ozark River both offer step stools made especially for their sinks. This ensures that the step stool is safe, fits perfectly, and blends with the aesthetic.


Another option is to include a child-height portable sink with your standard height portable sink. Children will be able to comfortably wash their hands at a self-contained sink at a perfect height for them. If you have young toddlers or preschoolers, a step stool is an excellent accessory to include with a child-height sink as well. These portable sinks are slip-resistant and built with rubberized feet on the bottom, so the stool stays in place for every handwashing.


Extra Water Tanks


Extra water tanks are sometimes necessary for compliance purposes or just for convenience. Your portable sink comes equipped with a freshwater tank and wastewater tank, but opting for extra water tanks is always a good idea. For events, you will have busy periods where you may have to refill the freshwater and dump the wastewater more frequently. For schools and daycares where time is limited, it’s wise to have a set of water tanks ready to switch out when you need them. 


Be sure only to purchase water tanks from your portable sink manufacturer. Each manufacturer’s water tanks have the correct dimensions to fit into their portable sink’s cabinet perfectly. To find extra water tanks, all you have to do is visit the Accessories page on the All Portable Sink website, and you will find the additional water tanks for your portable sink.


Refill Cart & Hose Kit


One helpful accessory for Jonti-Craft and Ozark River sinks is the cart and hose accessory kit to assist with water tank refills. This accessory kit includes a small cart to place your freshwater tank and roll it from your storage room to your portable sink, plus tubing for convenient and accurate refilling.


This cart and hose kit is a convenient accessory because it allows almost anyone to help maintain the portable sink. Five-gallon freshwater tanks and six-gallon wastewater tanks can be quite heavy to carry to and from the portable sink. This small cart makes it easier to transport and is even equipped with non-skid strips, so the tanks stay in place as you move the tank. These carts are slim enough, too, that it makes for easy storing when you aren’t using them.


Paper Towel Holder


All Portable Sinks feature portable sinks with paper towel holders included, like this Nestl Portable Sink, but if it’s not included in your portable sink, it’s undoubtedly a wise accessory to have. A paper towel holder is essential because it minimizes touch points on your portable sink and prevents excess water around your sink areas. This Jonti-Craft paper towel holder attaches to the Clean Hands Helper portable sink. It makes for an easier clean-up and simple hand drying after handwashing.


Sanitation Cart


The sanitation cart is offered by Jonti-Craft and gives you a full station for complete sanitation. If you need more counter space, cabinet storage, or a trash can nearby, this Jonti-Craft Sanitation Cart is the perfect complement to your portable sink. For example, a 10-gallon trash can fits perfectly in this cart. You’ll also find the backsplash on this sanitation cart makes it easy to add a paper towel dispenser or soap dispenser, so you have everything in one place. In addition, the lockable storage available under the cabinet allows you to store extra supplies right next to your portable sink. 



A portable sink provides everything you need for proper handwashing at your facility or event. If you’re looking to maximize the use of your portable sink, choosing from portable sink accessories can help. Step stools, easy filling kits, sanitation carts, paper towel holders, and extra water tanks all go a long way to making the use and maintenance of your portable sink more convenient. Shop our accessories online or contact us if you need more assistance.



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