Guide to ADA Compatible Portable Sinks


Guide to ADA Compatible Portable Sinks


Portable sinks are great additions to schools, medical offices, events, and other facilities but may be difficult for some people to access. The great news is there are portable sinks designed to meet the ADA standards that make it accessible for everyone. If your school, facility, or event needs an ADA compatible portable sink, this guide will help you know all it entails and how it can work perfectly in your space.


Key Components of ADA Compatible Portable Sinks


ADA compatible portable sinks fully meet the strict ADA standards, which means those with physical limitations can use this product safely. In addition, the features of these sinks will give you a better understanding of how they fit your needs. When space is limited, an ADA compatible portable sink must be accessible, versatile, and straightforward to use for everyone.


  • Wheelchair Accessible


Probably the most significant component of ADA compatible portable sinks is they are wheelchair accessible. These sinks allow for wheelchairs to come right under the portable sink so people can properly wash their hands with ease. In addition, with ample space for wheelchairs, those who use wheelchairs can easily access the portable sink’s water, soap, and towels.


  • Flexible For All Abilities 


ADA compatible portable sinks need to be versatile enough for all different physical abilities to use appropriately. Most portable sinks have wheels to make them even more mobile, which is true on ADA compatible sinks. You can quickly move the portable sink for more convenient accessibility. 


  • Simple to Use


An ADA compatible portable sink should be simple to use for everyone and easy for the staff to maintain. These sinks have simple operations to turn on the water and access both hot and cold water. Like all other portable sinks, ADA compatible sinks are also designed to switch out water jugs and set up easily.


With these key features of an ADA compatible portable sink, where can you find one? All Portable Sinks provides portable sink options for all needs and have quality options for ADA compatible portable sinks.


Monsam ADA Compatible Stainless Steel Portable Sink


A quality example of an ADA compatible portable sink is the Monsam ADA Compatible Portable Sink. It’s available in various colors to blend with your facility’s color scheme perfectly. The Monsam ADA Compatible Sink is also NSF certified and has all of the critical components of ADA compatible sinks from above. 


What’s ideal about this sink is it also has the capacity for a 5-gallon fresh water tank and a 6-gallon waste water tank. These are easily accessible in the cabinet below the sink, and there is still ample space under the sink for wheelchair access. This sink also features a handle faucet, making it easier to turn the water on and off. In addition, the sink has the capability for both hot and cold water. Finally, you can move this Monsam sink exactly where you need it and lock it in place with the convenient wheels.


Monsam Child Height ADA Compatible Stainless Steel Portable Sink


If you are mainly serving children, there is still a great ADA compatible portable sink option. Monsam also makes a Child Height ADA Compatible Stainless Steel Portable Sink. This sink has the same features as the original Monsam ADA Compatible Portable Sink but at a lower height. The child height portable sink is 27.5″ tall, and the adult height portable sink is 32″ tall. There is even a toddler height ADA compatible portable sink available. Contact us to learn about the toddler ADA compatible sink.


This Monsam portable sink is the perfect option for schools or daycare facilities that need one child portable sink accessible to everyone. All children will be able to use the Monsam Child Height ADA Compatible Stainless Steel Portable Sink because it’s accessible and at the perfect height for their proper handwashing.



Now more than ever, accessible handwashing is essential everywhere we go. For businesses and schools in need of ADA compatible products, there are portable sinks that meet those standards. These sinks must be wheelchair accessible and ideally convenient for anyone to use, regardless of disability. Monsam features ADA compatible portable sinks for adults, children, and toddlers in a variety of colors that are all a quality choice. If you have more questions about ADA compatible portable sinks, contact our expert team.


All Portable Sinks is your solution to portable handwashing for all ages. Handwashing stations are necessary for all facilities and events, and we make it possible to include them where traditional plumbing is not available. We offer sinks that are powered by electricity, battery, propane, and hand and foot pump. No matter what your facility or event consists of, we can help you find the right portable sink for your needs. View our inventory online or request a quote today!



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