How to Find the Best Portable Sink for Daycare


How to Find the Best Portable Sink for Daycare


Daycares often have necessary furniture like changing tables, tables and chairs, bookshelves, but there’s something else daycare facilities need for the health and safety of the children. Portable sinks allow for more frequent and effective handwashing, which helps prevent the spread of germs and illnesses. There are many portable sinks on the market today, but what is the best portable sink for daycare? Here are some qualities that make a portable sink perfect for daycare facilities.


Child Height


The most essential feature you should look for in a portable sink for your daycare facility is the height of the sink. Sinks that are built for a child’s height make it easier for the child to use, they wash their hands more effectively, and it’s more fun for the kids. All children love using something that’s made for their size! Child-height portable sinks usually range from 26 inches to 29 inches, which is perfect for young toddlers and preschoolers. Even though the sink is smaller than traditional portable sinks, the cabinet still holds a 5-gallon freshwater tank and a 6-gallon wastewater tank.


For daycare classes that have young children just learning proper handwashing, the Jonti-Craft Clean Hands Helper 26-inch Portable Sink is at a perfect height for tiny hands. The Ozark River Lil’ Premier Portable Child Height Sink and the Nessel Child Height Portable Sink are other popular options that feature different color choices. Choosing a child-height portable sink for your daycare will make handwashing more fun and effective for teachers and children.




Flexibility is key in daycare and childcare facilities. So, when deciding on a portable sink for daycare, it must have flexibility and mobility to move it where you need it. An impressive feature of portable sinks is locking swivel casters. These casters allow the portable sink to roll and turn to fit in the exact place you want. With front locking, you can secure the portable sink in place for safety.


Another feature that contributes to the portable sink’s mobility is the power source. Portable sinks for daycare are available with electric, battery, or foot pump power sources. This allows you to provide handwashing opportunities to children in all areas of your facility or even outside!


Portable sinks like the Ozark River Lil’ Premier Splash Portable Child Height Sink features swivel casters and requires a 110V 20A dedicated outlet. Setting up this sink is simple! You just move the sink to the classroom you need it and plug it into a dedicated outlet. With a completely mobile portable sink, your daycare classes will be able to have an extra handwashing station whenever they need it.


Convenient Features


When it’s time for a class of small children to wash hands, it’s much more convenient to have all the necessary supplies right in front of you. The best portable sink for daycare has convenient features like a soap dispenser and paper towel holder included on the sink. Children can easily access the supplies they need for proper handwashing without causing extra messes.


The Nessel 29” Child Height Portable Sink with Backsplash features a soap dispenser and paper towel holder fixed on a backsplash. The backsplash also protects other areas of your classrooms from getting wet during handwashing. The Lil’ Deluxe Portable Child Height Sink Double Basin also includes soap dispensers and even two basins so two children at a time can wash their hands. This added convenience makes handwashing with large groups of children go much faster!


Hot Water


The last feature you should look for in a portable sink for daycare is hot water. There are portable sink options with cold water only and with hot and cold water. Having hot water makes your portable sink more versatile and can still be used safely with young children. Using warm water and soap is the ideal method for effective handwashing and portable sinks with hot water provide that.


The Jonti-Craft Clean Hands Helper and the Ozark River Lil’ Premier Portable Child Height Sink are examples of child-height portable sinks with hot water. A simple heater in the sink’s cabinet heats the water on demand for proper handwashing for all. Many of the portable sinks at All Portable Sinks feature hot and cold water, so contact our team to find exactly what you need.



You can find the best portable sink for daycare that checks all your boxes. Portable sinks that are child height, mobile, offer convenient features and include hot water are ideal qualities for a daycare portable sink. All Portable Sinks has a diverse selection of self-contained portable sinks that work well for children and adults. Our handwashing stations make washing hands more efficient and effective at preventing the spread of germs at daycare. Shop our daycare portable sinks online and contact our team with any questions.





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