Join The Millions Participating in Global Handwashing Day

It can be easy to take hand washing for granted. After all, there is almost always plumbing in any building you walk into. There is also plenty of training when it comes to washing your hands starting from a very young age. October 15th is Global Handwashing Day, and we believe that it helps to make a huge impact on the way people think about hand washing. If you’ve never thought about Global Handwashing Day before, here are a few things you may want to know about it, and how All Portable Sinks plays a part.


All About Global Handwashing Day

Global Handwashing Day is a global advocacy day that is dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding of the importance of handwashing. Soap and warm water have been proven as one of the most effective and affordable ways to prevent diseases and save lives.

Global Handwashing Day was created to:

  • Foster and support a global and local culture of handwashing with soap
  • Shine a spotlight on the state of handwashing around the world
  • Raise awareness about the benefits of handwashing with soap 

The first Global Handwashing Day was held in 2008. As a way to commemorate it, over 120 million children around the world washed their hands with soap in more than 70 countries. This is the 10 year anniversary of the day, and over 200 million people will be involved in celebrations in over 100 countries around the world.

The theme for this year is “Clean hands - a recipe for health.” Their stance this year is that clean hands are incredibly important when working with food. Hand washing at critical times, like before eating, cooking, or feeding others is one of the most important ways you can keep food clean and safe. You can also prevent diseases and help children grow strong.


Hand Washing & Meal Planning

When you connect hand washing to an existing habit, like preparing and eating a meal, you can help form a proper hand washing habit. The theme for Global Handwashing Day helps remind everyone that hand washing is a vital part of every meal. All Portable Sinks believes this more than ever, which is why we have created several styles for all different places and purposes. One of the biggest places that can be improved with hand washing is classrooms, preschools, and daycares. 

Children need to learn on a very regular basis why washing their hands is so important. Unfortunately, a majority of classrooms aren’t built with plumbing in mind. All Portable Sinks is proud to help teachers and childcare providers an easy way to keep a fully functioning sink in the classroom. This means that not only will your children be learning the vital skill of handwashing, they will also be contributing to a clean classroom. Here are a few models that really work well in these types of settings:

Ozark River Lil’ Premier Splash Portable Child Height Sink-Blue with White or Stainless Steel Basin

The Ozark River Lil’ Premier is an award-winning portable hand washing station for children, recognized for its durability, quality, age appropriateness, and safety. The 30” height of this unit is just the right size for out-of-the-way, under-the-counter storing in a classroom short on extra space.  The sink can be easily moved on its casters to any desired location to allow compliance with handwashing criteria for young children.  Comes with a top-fill liquid soap dispenser and quick connect hoses for easy tank removal and set up. A water heater provides the user with on-demand hot water for warm water hand washing! Great for daycares, head start programs, preschools, classrooms, community centers, and healthcare offices.

Portable Child Height Double Basin Lil’ Deluxe Sink by Ozark River

Lil’ Deluxe by Ozark River is a high-quality double basin hand washing sink designed for use in areas where there are multiple children who need to wash their hands. A great solution to comply with hand washing codes. Comes with two liquid soap dispensers, two stainless steel basins,  and quick connect hoses for easy tank removal and set up.  A water heater provides the user with on-demand hot water for warm water hand washing! Great for daycares, head start programs, preschools, classrooms, community centers, and healthcare offices. 

All Portable Sinks Gives Back 

We know how important it is to learn proper hand washing techniques. This is why we donate 5% of every sink purchase back to Living Water. Living Water International is an outstanding non-for-profit that helps communities acquire much needed clean water.

There are many ways to celebrate Global Handwashing Day, but we think one of the best is to just make sure you are always washing your hands. Better yet, if you have young children who haven’t quite gotten the hang of washing their hands, this would be a great time to teach them. Visit our website to learn more about our company and how we have partnered with Living Water International. Be sure to spend at least 2 minutes scrubbing your hands thoroughly, and always use warm water and soap - it does the job right.

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