Outdoor Sinks for Campsites and Camping

Camping can be a fun way to spend time together as a family. You can enjoy nature, disconnect and enjoy quality time together around the campfire. The only issue might be maintaining personal hygiene at the campsite.


Add Portable Sinks to Your Campsite

Are you a campsite owner or do you know one? Let them know about All Portable Sinks. You can get cold and/or warm running water at your campsite even if there’s no traditional plumbing available. Many campsites just have outhouses or portable toilets. Even if you do have a bathhouse with running water, chances are you’ve placed portable toilets in other places around the campground for the convenience of your campers. Add to those toilets by also providing a place for guests to wash their hands. We have a variety of outdoor portable sinks that would conveniently accompany your portable toilets. Our sinks are also great for those DIY campers who want to transform an old camper or other vehicle into a new home on wheels!


Outdoor Portable Sinks

From propane- to battery-operated sinks, we’ve got a great selection of outdoor sinks that don’t require electricity for operation. These sinks are perfect for campsites and other outdoor entertaining areas where plumbing and electricity aren’t necessarily available.

 Monsam Propane Powered Portable Hot Water Sink

This propane heated, battery-powered portable sink by Monsam is a completely self-contained hot water sink. A great solution for basic hand and utensil-washing for all sorts of purposes both indoor and outdoor. This is a mobile sink solution perfect for camping and more! No electrical power is needed as the water is pumped using battery power.



Monsam Hand Pump Portable Sink

When you need a deep bowl sink for outdoor use, turn to the Single Basin Hand Pump Sink by Monsam. The unique hand pumping action is a hygienic solution to accessing water. The deep basin is perfect for both hand washing and utensil cleaning purposes. The compact size means the sink can fit into any tight space, which is often a challenge when camping.



View the rest of our nature/outdoor sinks here: https://allportablesinks.com/collections/nature-outdoor.


Experience first-class amenities in an outdoor camping setting with a state-of-the-art outdoor handwashing station. Whether you own a campsite, you love to camp or just have some other need to wash your hands outdoors, be sure to check out our line of nature/outdoor sinks. All Portable Sinks is your source for all your hand washing needs when traditional plumbing is not available! 


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