Outdoor Sinks for Summer Festivals and Fairs

Summer has arrived, and that means it’s time for state fairs and other summer festivals across the country! All Portable Sinks is here to help you with all your outdoor handwashing needs. From sinks for attendees to use to sinks for vendors, we’ve got the perfect selection to fit your needs. Keep reading to learn about some of our outdoors sinks and how they can be of use to you during your festival, fair or other outdoor event this summer. 


Festivals and Fairs

From outdoor concerts to food festivals and state fairs, the variety of outdoor events that happen each summer offers something for people of all ages to enjoy. What do all these outdoor events have in common though? The need for outdoor handwashing facilities! Are you a festival organizer? Are you a vendor that travels from festival to festival? In either case, a portable outdoor sink could come in handy! Whether you need a place for handwashing or a space for food prep, we’ve got a sink to fit your needs. Browse some of our favorite outdoor sink selections below:


PolyJohn Heated Grandstand Warm Water Portable Sink

The PolyJohn Heated Grandstand Portable Sink is a compact warm water portable handwashing station that is easy to transport. Easily bring warm water handwashing outdoors with this extra deep basin sink featuring a hands-free foot pump. Made of highly durable plastic to stand up to outdoor conditions, this sink is great for festivals, fairs, farmer’s markets, agricultural activities, construction sites and more!


Ozark River Nature Series LS1 Hot/Cold Water Portable Sink

The Ozark River Nature Series Portable Sink is an indoor/outdoor hot and cold water sink. Bring hot water handwashing outdoors with this great sink. It’s perfect for festivals, fairs, food trucks, catering events, etc. This food grade compliant sink features a stainless steel cabinet and basin with UV specially made laminate doors.


Monsom Standard Single Basin Portable Sink

This streamlined self-contained portable handwashing sink by Monsam can be used either indoors or outdoors. Use it for utensil washing, as well as handwashing, for easy cleanup of your outdoor hobbies. This sink is compact and extremely lightweight, so you can easily move it to where it is needed.  

PolyJohn Applause Portable Sink with Water Hook-Ups

The PolyJohn Applause Portable Sink with Water Hook-Ups is an outdoor handwashing station designed to be hooked up directly to a fresh water source, as well as a drain for gray water. The large capacity sink with two basins is designed for busy outdoor settings such as fairs, festivals and similar high-traffic operations. The foot pump allows for hands-free sink operation.



Monsam NSF Certified Double Basin Concession Portable Sink

When you have a need for a sink where no plumbing facilities exist, our NSF Certified Double Compartment Concession Portable Sink by Monsam is an ideal investment. It features 2 large sinks with ample elbow room, and is equipped with a 13 Amp adjustable heater. This sink is the perfect solution for outdoor events such as festivals or weddings.

Get your portable sink for your upcoming outdoor event today! Visit our website at www.AllPortableSinks.com to browse all of our outdoor sink options to find the perfect one to fit your needs. We’re here to help make festival operation and cleanup as easy for you as possible with convenient outdoor handwashing stations!


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