Portable Sinks: Outlet Not Required


Portable Sinks: Outlet Not Required

A portable sink is the perfect addition to your event or facility and works beautifully both outdoors and indoors. But, what happens if your facility or event has no electricity available for a portable sink? There’s a solution available that is convenient for staff and guests washing their hands. Non-electric portable sinks provide efficient handwashing like electric-powered portable sinks but are powered through alternate sources. Let’s dive into everything you need to know about portable sinks without the outlet!


Can You Have a Portable Sink Without Electricity?

Yes! All Portable Sinks has a variety of portable sinks that work off a different power supply than traditional electricity. We realize that many event spaces, schools, outdoor facilities, medical offices, and other commercial facilities have limited additional electricity available for portable sinks. So, we feature sinks that are also powered by battery, hand or foot pump, and propane. 


You don’t have to sacrifice convenience, efficiency, or aesthetics in order to have a non-electric portable sink either! Different cabinet heights, cabinet materials, and even hot water are available with non-electric portable sinks. For example, consider the Jonti-Craft Clean Hands Helper Non-Electric 26″ Foot Pump Sink if you need a child-height portable sink without electricity. If you need hot water in your portable sink, the Monsam Propane Powered Portable Hot Water Sink is a great option. The point is, you can find what you need in a non-electric portable sink!


Battery-Powered Portable Sinks

One of the power options for non-electric portable sinks is a battery. Battery-powered portable sinks work entirely off battery power to pump water through the sink. These sinks work great indoors and outdoors, and the size of the sink is still compact enough to fit where you need it without taking up too much room. 


The Monsam Battery Powered Portable Sink With Cold Water is a great portable sink for outdoor facilities or indoors. This particular sink is a child-height portable sink, so it’s extra convenient for kids to continue proper handwashing away from traditional sinks. Included with the sink is a 12V battery with a charger and two 5-gallon tanks. In addition, you can choose from six cabinet colors to truly make this portable sink your own.


Pump-Powered Portable Sinks


Pump-powered portable sinks are powered either by a hand pump or foot pump. With the hand and foot pumps, you manually pump the water through the sink to power it. Like the battery-powered sinks, pump-powered sinks only produce cold water. However, cold water sinks do help save money and energy, so it’s a win-win!


The Monsam Hand Pump Portable Sink Cold Water Only provides the handwashing experience your staff and guests need without needing electricity, battery, or propane. Using this unique hand pump, everyone can wash their hands properly and comfortably. This sink has different cabinet colors available and works both indoors and outdoors.


The Jonti-Craft Clean Hands Helper Non-Electric 38″ Portable Sink is operated by a foot pump and provides 2.8 ounces of water per stroke and a flow rate of 1.3 gallons per minute. This stylish portable sink works perfectly in schools and other indoor facilities. The foot pump is flexible, so you can easily store or move the sink as needed.


The Crown Verity 5-Gallon Stainless Steel Portable Handwashing Sink – Cold Water – Foot Pump provides extra features that go the extra mile in your portable sink. A soap dispenser and paper towel dispenser are included in this sink to make handwashing even more efficient. This sink also comes completely assembled, so you can immediately start using it. 


Propane-Powered Portable Sinks

The last type of non-electric portable sinks to discuss is propane-powered portable sinks. Using propane to help power your portable sink gives you hot water capability. The sink pump is battery-powered in these sinks, and the hot water is heated by propane. So, if hot water is a must for your portable sink, then a propane-powered portable sink is your solution!


The Monsam Propane Powered Portable Hot Water Sink provides both hot and cold water through battery and propane. It works at indoor facilities and outdoor events to allow everyone convenient handwashing. The propane heats the water to 160 degrees, making this also an excellent sink option for basic utensil washing in food vendors. Even with a battery and propane cylinder, this portable sink is still compact enough to use and store where you need it.



Portable sinks come in all shapes and sizes for different uses, including non-electric capabilities. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice mobility, efficiency, and convenience just because you don’t have access to electricity for a portable sink. If you’re looking for a non-electric portable sink for your next event or at your indoor facility, view our portable sink inventory or contact us with any questions. Everyone deserves a safe and clean environment, and we are passionate about providing solutions to help you offer that.



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