Places Your Resort Needs A Portable Sink


Places Your Resort Needs A Portable Sink


Vacation season is here, and more people are heading to their favorite resort for some relaxation. Resorts provide luxury-quality amenities and customer service to guests for an unforgettable vacation. You can elevate your guests’ experience by providing the convenience of portable sinks throughout the resort. Portable sinks allow staff and guests to practice proper handwashing in strategic places at the resort. Let’s look at some important places for portable sinks at resorts (indoor and outdoor) and how to choose portable sinks for resorts.



As your guests arrive from airports, shuttles, cars, and any form of travel, they will want to wash away any germs they brought with them. Providing a portable sink in the lobby makes it extra convenient for guests to wash their hands before interacting with resort staff and facilities. In addition, guests will take note of the level of detail your resort provides by bringing a handwashing station right to them.


Business Center

A resort business center is another important place your resort needs a portable sink. When you have community computers and electronics, inviting guests to wash their hands before using the business center will help keep a safe and clean environment for everyone. Our portable sinks are self-contained, so all handwashing materials will stay contained in the sink area and not interfere with other furniture and electronics in your resort’s business center.


Pool Deck

The resort pool is an excellent place for a portable sink. Guests come from all locations around the resort and community, so a portable sink is a perfect addition. Giving guests the opportunity to wash their hands after enjoying the pool will also help reduce the spread of germs around the resort. Additionally, place the portable sink in an area where it can stay relatively dry from pool splashing. We have a full line of outdoor portable sinks perfect for a resort pool deck!


Tennis Court

Your resort’s tennis court is a wonderful amenity for guests to enjoy, and it’s another ideal place for a portable sink. Offering guests a convenient place to wash their hands before and after their tennis game is a win for everyone. Your guests won’t have to walk out of their way to a restroom for handwashing, and you provide a clean environment in a high touchpoint area of the resort. If there is limited electricity in this area, check out one of our sinks operated by a foot pump.


Fitness Center

Many guests like to take advantage of the resort fitness center at the beginning or end of the day. This is another area with many shared equipment, so proper handwashing is a must when visiting the fitness center. Position the portable sink near the fitness center entrance, so guests are prompted to quickly wash their hands before exercising and when preparing to leave.


Entertainment/Game Room

Everyone loves a good, old-fashioned game room on vacation! An entertainment/game room with game tables, arcade games, or card games will keep your guests making memories with each other. If you have a game room at your resort, it’s an excellent place for a portable sink. Guests will appreciate that guests before them maintained cleanliness as they used that space and are more likely to freely enjoy it themselves.


Bar and Restaurant

Anywhere your resort offers food and drinks needs a portable sink. This could be at the pool bar and grill, breakfast buffet, and other indoor dining places. Offering a portable sink for handwashing is especially important for restaurants where guests might come and go from their other activities throughout the day. Providing portable sinks for your staff is also important when preparing and serving food. If electricity or plumbing is limited in any food preparation area of your resort, we have portable sinks made specifically for food service.


Choosing Portable Sinks for Resorts

You can truly elevate your guests’ resort experience by providing portable handwashing stations right where they need it most. So, how do you choose the right portable sinks for your resort? At All Portable Sinks, we feature sinks for any need and environment. For example, if you place a portable sink outdoors, one of our outdoor portable sinks is perfect. In addition, we offer many cold water only sinkseco-friendly sinks, and sinks powered by electricitybatteryfoot pumphand pump, and propane for both indoor and outdoor use. View our complete sink inventory online or contact the All Portable Sinks team with any questions.



Portable sinks are wonderful and necessary additions to your resort. You will provide opportunities for your guests and staff to practice proper handwashing, leading to a clean and safe environment. In addition, your guests will appreciate the extra level of care your resort provides for convenience and cleanliness. Find your portable sinks for resorts today!



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