Portable Sinks & Food Service Safety

December is Food Service Safety Month, and there’s no time like the New Year to embrace this practice in your restaurant or business. There are many ways that a business can improve their food service safety, and it doesn’t just apply to restaurants. From food trucks to daycares, there are many companies that encounter food and learning how to handle food properly while also providing your employees with the best practices for handling it is extremely important. Here are a few tips to remember as you improve your food service safety, and a few ways that All Portable Sinks can help!

Wash Food Properly

It’s important to make sure that fruits and vegetables are washed properly. Even if you plan on peeling or skinning it, you still want to wash it well. Not washing produce can spread bacteria from the outside to the inside as you prepare it. Tomatoes require special care, as there have been increased cases of salmonella in tomatoes. Lettuce also requires washing, as it has been a bit of a hot topic lately as well.

Never let the produce sit in water, but instead, run it under cold water and scrub thoroughly. Portable sinks allow you to have cold water for washing produce, while also having warm water to washing hands. You can have the best of both worlds even while on the go.

Clean and Sanitize Preparation Surfaces and Equipment Regularly

One of the biggest things to remember about food service safety is that you need a proper workstation and equipment to do the job satisfactorily. This means that hot soapy water is a must in your facility. You’ll need to sanitize cutting boards, dishes, countertops, and more. It’s always important to check with your local health department to learn about what they require when it comes to food prep and sanitation.

Promote Hand Washing Habits

This is an important step to improving the safety in your workplace in regard to food consumption. When your employees know the basics of proper handwashing, you’ll find that cross-contamination will decrease significantly. Provide a dedicated hand washing station for your employees. This can be hard in places like food trucks or childcare facilities because you either need plumbing on the go or will have to plumb a station. All Portable Sinks allows you to put a sink anywhere – making handwashing easy and effective! From food trucks that are on the go to daycare facilities where you need a sink and can’t plumb for one.

Portable Sinks for Food Service

We have several sinks that are all regulated by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). They are great for food service preparation, and as you will see, some offer prep stations, while others provide a place to wash utensils in one basin and hands in another. These can be a great solution for those looking for a portable option when it comes to food service safety.

Compact Four Basin Portable Sink by Monsam NSF Certified
The Monsam Compact Four Compact Basin Portable Sink features three 6” deep basins PLUS a separate 5” deep basin. The triple sink area is great for dishes and utensils. The fourth sink is a separate hand washing sink. It allows for ample room to wash, despite its compact size.

Monsam NSF Three Basin All Stainless-Steel Portable Sink NSF
This sturdy all stainless-steel portable sink by Monsam is quick to set up and can easily provide for hand washing needs in schools, restaurants, banquet halls and outdoor festivals. An ideal solution for high traffic environments! Built with a solid frame and extra deep bowls, the unit comes with free-flowing hot and cold water and an easy to clean countertop. Select from 6 colors to match your decor.


Ozark River Advantage 1D Portable Hot Water Sink- Stainless Steel Top and Deep Basin
Advantage Series sink has a stainless steel counter with deep 9.75" stainless steel basin. Comes with a top-fill liquid soap dispenser and quick connect hoses for easy tank removal and set up. A water heater provides the user with on demand hot water. This portable sinks is great for use in food/beverage serving, hospitality, spas, classrooms, lab testing facilities, mobile trailers, medical and healthcare rooms and many other commercial applications.


Deep Basin Premier Portable Sink- Stainless Steel Top by Ozark River

The Ozark River sink is a 38" high hot water portable sink with Stainless Steel Counter and Deep Basin. This elegant, durable unit is available in cherry, maple or mahogany natural wood grain finish or black.  This Premier Series sink has a stainless steel counter with a 9.75" Deep stainless steel basin, giving you extra sink space.This series is Ozark River’s flagship product line and represents the most popular Ozark River Portable Sink®, featuring a versatile cabinet size that fits perfectly in restaurants, food/beverage serving, hospitality, spas, classrooms, medical and healthcare rooms and many other commercial applications.

Go Into the New Year with The Right Tools!

Food Service Safety improves health the public. Whether this covers the level at which an employee cleans their hands or washes the food that comes into your facility – both are important. All Portable Sinks provides you the tools that you need to improve safety in your facility and teach good habits, even if you don’t have plumbing available. Check out our website to learn about more portable sinks for restaurants and food service businesses. If you need a custom quote for multiple sinks, please give us a call. We look forward to serving your business through our easy and affordable portable sink options.

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