Portable Sinks for Event Planners

As an event planner, you know that not all venues are alike. Think back to some of the events you’ve done. How much easier would your job have been if you had a moveable sink? Keep reading to learn more about how investing in one of our portable sinks could help your event planning business.


Limited Venues

Portable sinks can definitely come in handy at venues that don’t offer kitchen facilities or other areas with traditional plumbing. Whether you need a way to prepare food or let attendees wash up, our portable sinks are the perfect solution. We have a variety of portable sink options that work both indoors and outdoors. Venues that may not have been considered can now be included in the options you present your clients because of your portable sink.



You can differentiate yourself from other event planners by offering the use of a portable sink. Help your clients secure lower cost venues by choosing one without added facilities. Your portable sink will be able to make up for the lack of those facilities. Any added value items that you can offer your clients can help you get an edge over your competition.


Outdoor Sinks

One common issue with outdoor venues is the lack of facilities. Depending on what type of event you’re planning, an outdoor sink could come in very handy. We offer a variety of outdoor sinks, some of which don’t even need electricity to work! This propane powered sink is just one of our great options for portable outdoor sinks. This propane heated, battery-powered portable sink by Monsam is a completely self-contained hot water sink. No electrical power is needed as the water is pumped using battery power.

Another great option for indoor, or outdoor venues where electricity is available, would be the Ozark River Nature Series Pro Portable Sink. It’s an indoor/outdoor hot and cold water sink with the choice of one or three basins. The sink has a stainless steel cabinet and basin with UV specially made laminate doors. It’s also food grade compliant, with a stainless steel counter and basin.



All Portable Sinks is your cost-effective solution to bringing hot and cold water sinks to locations where permanent plumbing solutions are not feasible. The self-contained sinks that we carry have several options including basin depths and faucet varieties. Whether you’re an event planner or other type of business owner, we have a portable sink solution that will work for you!


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