Portable Sinks for Food Trucks and Farmers Markets

 One thing that we love to brag about is how many different locations that our mobile outdoor sinks can go. One of the more popular locations that we’ve noticed lately has really showcased this portability of our units, and that would be food trucks! It is vital for areas where food is prepared to not only have proper stations for handwashing, but also places to handle food, and wash dishes. All of these areas must have separate sinks according to most laws. Thankfully, All Portable Sinks has the perfect solution for you. This, of course, doesn’t stop at food trucks, we’ve also found that Farmers Markets are finding great success through the use of portable outdoor sinks. Here are a few reasons our sinks are so useful in these areas, along with a quick introduction to the units that work with so much versatility.

Portable Sinks & Food Trucks

What makes a food truck so unique is that is clearly isn’t stuck in one location. This means that plumbing can’t be a permanent fixture, and in some areas, you may not even be able to hook up to water. This is where a portable sink comes in handy. Our units are mostly powered via a regular plug-in, although some can be powered via battery, gas, or even manually. They get their water from tanks beneath the unit, which means that you do not have to be hooked up to water, or even have regular access to water.

Another benefit is that we have several units that are PERFECT for food handling. They have separate sinks for different purposes, and some even have a wall separating a food handling sink from a hand washing sink. With so many different styles available, you are sure to find one that will be ideal for your business.

Check out these mobile sinks that are perfect for food trucks!



Portable Sinks & Farmers Markets

Farmers Markets provide an interesting atmosphere, because similar to other outdoor events, having a sink can be beneficial. You will also need a portable outdoor hand washing station that does not require plumbing, and depending on your location may not even require power. At All Portable Sinks, we have several units that will be perfect for your outdoor event, and specifically farmers markets.

The most common purpose for a portable sink may seem like it would be used for handwashing, but another popular use is by vendors themselves. With farmers markets increasing in popularity, you’ll find more than just farmers selling their goods. From small restaurants selling appetizers to drinks, you may need a portable sink in order to meet the requirements of your local health laws when providing and preparing food for those that you are selling it to.


Portable Sinks for Any Location

What makes All Portable Sinks so unique is that we have many different portable sinks to meet many different needs. From a farmers market to a food truck, or healthcare to schools - we have units that are available for many different businesses. If you are looking for a solution, and you need a sink where you have no plumbing, visit our website to learn more about our portable hand washing stations. Visit our website to learn more about our portable hand washing units, as well as how they are shipped, financing options, and more!


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