Portable Sinks for Your Community Garden

Due to the increased emphasis on a healthier lifestyle, community gardens are becoming more and more popular across the country. Schools are even putting them in to engage the students. Gardening isn’t necessarily the cleanest hobby, and therefore, having the ability to provide running water in your community garden would be great! It is possible with an outdoor sink from All Portable Sinks. Keep reading to learn more.


What is a Community Garden?

Community Gardens are plots of land, usually in urban areas, that are rented by individuals or groups to use for their own gardening needs. They are collaborative projects on shared open spaces, when participants share in the maintenance and products of the garden. Benefits of community gardening include the ability to easily access healthy fresh fruits and vegetables, the ability to engage in physical activity, the opportunity for skill building and creating green space, the beautification of vacant lots, the revitalization of communities in industrial areas, the ability to revive and beautify public parks, the ability to create green roof tops, and the improvement of social well-being through strengthening social connections.



Community Gardens at Schools

Many grade schools are now incorporating community gardens in their curriculum and lesson plans. These gardens provide a place for students to learn about gardening and healthy eating habits, while also beautifying the outdoor spaces at schools. Some schools even invite parents to come and eat lunch with their children in the garden. If you’re interested in adding a community garden to your school, there are grants available, and sometimes local businesses are willing to donate to the projects as well.


Outdoor Portable Sinks

All Portable Sinks offers a variety of outdoor portable sinks that would be perfect for your community garden. Learn more about a few of them below:



Monsam Batter Powered Portable Cold Water Sink

This battery-powered, self-contained portable sink from Monsam provides a basic hand and tool-washing solution for use in your community garden. The freshwater tank and waste water tanks are contained within a durable cabinet. No electrical outlet is needed to operate this sink, as the water is pumped using a battery. This sink is perfect for gardening and other outdoor hobbies. It comes with a 12V battery, as well as a battery charger/maintainer.



Ozark River Nature Series Pro1 Hot/Cold Water Portable Sink

This Ozark River Nature Series sink brings hot and cold running water to the outdoors! It has a stainless steel cabinet and basin with UV specially made laminate doors. The sink is food grade compliant, durably constructed and comes with a factory installed soap and paper towel dispenser in a protective hood. It comes with quick connect hoses for easy tank removal and setup. A water heater provides the user with on demand hot water.


Monsam Propane Powered Portable Hot Water Sink

This propane heated, battery-powered portable sink by Monsam is perfect for the community garden that doesn’t have any electrical capabilities. It’s a great solution for basic hand and tool washing during gardening. The freshwater tank and waste water tanks are contained within the durable cabinet. The water is heated using a standard propane cylinder providing 30,000 BTUs of heat. The sink comes with a 12V battery plus a battery charger/maintainer.


To learn more about all of the outdoor portable sinks available, visit: www.AllPortableSinks.com/collections/nature-outdoor. These sinks are all designed for outdoor, as well as indoor, use. Experience state-of-the-art outdoor handwashing stations in your community garden. They are durably constructed to hold up in outdoor conditions and the options range from electrical powered to battery and propane powered. Be sure to contact us with any questions about adding one of these portable sinks to a community garden in your neighborhood or school.  


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