How to Prevent The Spread of Germs on Your Portable Sink


How to Prevent The Spread of Germs on Your Portable Sink


With even more frequent hand washing these days, you’ll find your portable sink getting more use than it ever has before. Proper portable sink cleaning is crucial to the health and safety of everyone around and keeps your portable sink in pristine condition. There are daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning jobs that you must complete, but it’s also essential to clean and care for your portable sink throughout the day between uses. Let’s see why this is important and dive into practical tips for quick and efficient portable sink cleaning throughout the day.


Why Clean Your Portable Sink Between Uses?


Cleaning your portable sink throughout the day can help your classroom, event, or office space run more smoothly. When you clean your sink between uses, it may help prevent the spread of germs on your portable sink and make other cleaning tasks more simple. Think about all your portable sink goes through daily!


Your portable sink is probably one of the most touched and handled items in your facility. People come to wash their hands to remove dirt and germs, so this sink is working hard! No matter the level of risk, it’s always important to keep the sink area as clean as possible in between uses. The CDC recommends that high-touch surfaces be cleaned at least once a day, but they can be done quickly and efficiently.


You likely can’t keep a watchful eye on your portable sink at all times, so here are some simple tips to keep your portable sink sparkling clean throughout the day without adding more to your workload. 


Tips for Portable Sink Cleaning & Care Between Uses


1. Reduce the number of touchpoints

One way to reduce the spread of germs on your portable sink is to reduce the number of items the person needs to touch at the sink. This could mean making the paper towels or hand dryer easily accessible and removing anything beyond the essentials (think soap and paper towels). You can also opt for a touchless faucet, or hands-free faucet and foot pump sink, further reducing touchpoints even more!


2. Wipe up spilled water immediately

Even though this is a sink dispensing water all day long, you will need to keep the sink area completely dry. As people use the portable sink, water and soap will ultimately get splashed around the room. This is especially true for portable sinks in the classroom! Wiping down any excess water right away will keep your sink safe and also prevent extra lingering germs.


3. Clean area after high traffic

Are you cleaning up after a particularly messy project? Was the lunch hour a big crowd today? Did you see more patients than usual this morning? It’s a good idea to complete the daily cleaning tasks after high traffic use. All this means is you complete a quick wipe down with a non-abrasive cleaner and soft cloth, checking water tanks, and removing debris from the strainer. 


This accomplishes two goals. First, it keeps your portable sink running smoothly even after a high amount of use in a short period of time. Second, it prevents the extra dirt and germs from staying around the rest of the day. A good reset after a heavy volume of traffic will make everyone feel at ease!


4. Monitor soap and paper towels

If something like a soap dispenser or paper towels is empty while someone is washing their hands, they will either try to fix it themselves or just skip the handwashing altogether. Neither of these outcomes is suitable for your portable sink and facility! One way to keep the flow of handwashing smooth and prevent germs from living on your portable sink is to monitor the soap dispenser and paper towels. 


The soap level might run out on a hectic day or get clogged or stuck. A few times a day, it’s a good idea to check the soap dispenser to ensure all is well. Keeping a quick stock of paper towels is also smart. Our portable sinks are equipped with a variety of cabinet storage options.


5. Secure the portable sink

A great benefit to a portable sink is, of course, its portable nature. You can easily roll or move one of our portable sinks to the area you need it most. When it’s time to use your portable sink for hand washing, it’s important to secure it. Lock the wheels and make sure it’s on a stable floor or ground at the beginning of the day. Then, throughout the day, check that the sink stays secure. 


How does this prevent the spread of germs? If the sink is secure, it reduces the number of touches to the portable sink. Even reducing the number of times you move the sink around can help keep it clean. 




The demand for hand washing and reducing the spread of germs has never been higher. All Portable Sinks provides the solutions you need to make the clean-up easier. We have a variety of portable sinks for indoor and outdoor use. Keep your portable sink in the best and safest condition by using these simple cleaning tips throughout the day to prevent the spread of germs!



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