The Importance of Hand Hygiene

Washing your hands properly is one of the most important things you can do to prevent and control the spread of germs. Good hand hygiene will reduce the risk of illness such as the flu, food poisoning and more.


How to Wash Your Hands

The hands are the main pathways of germ transmission. Therefore, you want to make sure to wash them both regularly and properly. Start by wetting your hands with clean, running water. Then lather your hands up with soap. You want to scrub them together for at least 20 seconds making sure to get between all your fingers and under/around your fingernails. Remove any jewelry, as germs can get stuck under there. Once you’re done scrubbing, be sure to rinse your hands thoroughly in warm, running water. Then don’t forget to dry your hands thoroughly with a clean towel. Wet hands can actually increase the spread of bacteria. Patting your hands dry with paper is best.


When to Wash Your Hands

Most people will wash their hands when they are visibly dirty. Unfortunately, people don’t wash their hands enough though. Your hands carry a lot of germs and should be washed for all of the following activities – some may be more obvious than others.

  • After going to the bathroom.
  • Before and after handling food.
  • Before eating.
  • After coughing or sneezing into your hands.
  • After blowing your nose.
  • After touching animals.
  • Before handling patients in healthcare settings.
  • After playing or working outdoors.
  • Before and after changing contact lenses.
  • Before and after changing a diaper.
  • After touching sores, lacerations or infected areas.
  • After playing in water more than one person has used.
  • After touching a public railing or elevator.


Portable Sinks for Handwashing

Whether at school, work or a healthcare facility, there needs to be a place for handwashing. Our portable sinks make it convenient to wash hands anywhere. Add a child-height sink to your preschool classroom or an NSF certified sink to your doctor’s office. Our wide selection of portable sinks offer a cost-effective solution to bringing hot and cold, running water to locations where permanent plumbing solutions are not feasible. Because of their mobility, our sinks can be used in a variety of commercial businesses, from salons and spas to festivals and construction sites.


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