Hand Washing Habits Start in the Classroom

 At All Portable Sinks, we realize the importance of healthy hand hygiene. This is part of the reason we help people put sinks where they need them most - despite the availability of plumbing! One area where hand washing is so important is in the education system. From daycares to schools, you will have hundreds of kids gathered together bringing all types of germs with them to exchange. As many studies have shown, proper hand washing can make a huge impact in this area. Let’s dive into several challenges that come from bad hand washing habits, and how providing portable sinks in the classroom can be such a huge benefit. 

Why Is Hand Washing So Important?

Properly washing your hands is the single most important means of preventing the spread of infection. When you teach kids and young adults the importance of washing their hands, you will find a huge decrease in the spread of germs. 


The Importance of Hand Washing in Young Children

There are several reasons that young children have an increased risk for coming across infectious diseases while they are young. One reason is that they are grouped together and exposed to many new germs, another reason could be because their immune systems are not fully developed. But one huge reason is that young children do not have complete control over their body fluids, while also spreading germs through personal habits. This can include rubbing their eyes, thumb sucking, and putting other things in their mouths. 

Another thing to consider is that kids aren’t solely responsible for germs being spread. A report by the FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition said this: “Hand Washing is key. Diarrheal outbreaks could be cut in half by requiring staff to wash their hands and the child’s hands after changing diapers.”

Even young children can be taught to wash their hands, and with the proper tools, you can instill this habit early. All Portable Sinks has several units that are made for young children. A portable sink with a lowered height makes it easier for children to wash their hands, which can also encourage the teachers to instill these habits. We also provide portable sinks with changing tables attached. When a daycare is not set up to put a sink next to the changing station All Portable Sinks can be the answer. This can become a very valuable piece of equipment in your facility.

You can learn more about how the Child Diaper Changing Station with Sink by Ozark River & and the Ozark River Lil’ Premier Splash Portable Child Height Sink would be perfectly suited to your daycare or preschool on our website.


How Hand Washing Affects Older Children

Older children are still in close proximity to each other, but the difference is that they are capable of washing their hands. However, even with the ability to wash their own hands, it doesn’t always happen. One of the best things a teacher can do is not only teach their students about hand washing habits, but also continue to remind them, and find ways to make it a habit. But, even better, would be to make washing their hands easy. By keeping a portable sink in the classroom, you can teach them a habit that will benefit them their entire life. 

A study of Detroit students showed that if they washed their hands four times a day there were 24% fewer colds and 51% less stomach upset. This could strongly impact not only the health of students but reduce the cost of missed days and kids that are behind. Another study took place in a daycare, but shows the value of hand washing and that a teacher can be the driving force. Every morning, daycare teachers would help their kids wash their hands when they arrived, and then they would disinfect all areas where parents may have touched. The result was 50% fewer illnesses at that Minnesota daycare.  

One last study from another Minnesota school showed that using foam soap resulted in a 75% increase in handwashing rates. If there are things you can do to encourage students to wash their hands more frequently, it’s well worth the investment. At All Portable Sinks, not only do we have sinks that are perfectly suited to the school setting, but we also have some that come with a built-in soap dispenser. 

Visit our website to learn more about our Deep Basic Premier Portable Sink and our Ozark River Lil’ Premier Portable Child Height Sink for your classroom!


Make Hand Washing Easy

Flu season is upon us, and one of the biggest ways you can help reduce the number of cases is by teaching proper hand washing. This habit can be started early in very young toddlers, and then reinforced as children get older. If you want to instill a great habit in the children under your care, make it easy for them to wash their hands. Our portable sinks come in many different styles and colors. They can be used indoors, outdoors, and are ideal in a classroom setting. Be sure to take a look at our website to learn more about portable sinks for the classroom! Make this flu season different.

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