The Smartest Handwashing Station for Schools & Universities


The Smartest Handwashing Station for Schools & Universities


School is almost back in session across the country, so it’s time to start considering what improvements your school or university needs. We all know that bacteria and viruses begin spreading once students return, which might mean more sick time for your students and staff. One way to help prevent germ spreading is by offering handwashing stations throughout your school or campus. So, let’s discuss the smartest handwashing station available for schools and universities.


What Do Schools/Universities Need From A Portable Handwashing Station?


If you’re looking for a portable handwashing station for your school or university, how do you narrow it down to the right one? First, it helps to list out the “must-haves.” For a portable sink to work well in a busy school, there are several features it must offer. Here are some features that make a handwashing station more valuable and enjoyable in schools and universities. 


  • Convenient To Use And Maintain

First and foremost, a portable handwashing station must be easy for a young student to operate and staff members to maintain properly. If all handwashing materials are conveniently located and tanks are easy to refill, it’s more enjoyable for everyone.


  • Fast And Efficient Hand Washings

A portable handwashing station must offer a quick and efficient hand washing experience. Schools and universities always have a constant flow of people, so choosing a portable sink with an efficient process will reduce frustrations all around.


  • Large Tank Capacity

Along those same lines, a school portable sink should have a large tank capacity. This means that it can handle more hand washing uses per tank fill-up. As a result, your staff will spend less time refilling tanks, and students won’t have to wait for tank refills as often.


  • Hygienic Station

While portable sinks are another touchpoint for students and staff, it doesn’t have to be a germ pool. Ideally, a portable handwashing station for schools is created to reduce the number of touchpoints, so there’s less opportunity to make a mess and spread germs.


Meet the Smixin Combi


With all of those must-have features, which sink should you choose? While All Portable Sinks offers a variety of quality classroom portable sinks, one stands out as a perfect choice for schools, colleges, and universities. Meet the Smixin Combi, the smartest handwashing station!


The Smixin Combi is a Swiss-engineered automatic handwashing station. It uses an optimal mix of water, air, and soap to reduce the number of resources and for a clean result. Additionally, the Smixin Combi automatically dispenses the water, soap, and paper towel, so students and staff have virtually no touch points throughout the whole handwashing experience. This self-contained handwashing station operates on electricity and is easy to use and maintain, making it the perfect option for a school or university.


Benefits of the Smixin Combi


There are many benefits to the Smixin Combi, but let’s look at the benefits that specifically help those in the education industry. 


  • Up to 150 hand washes per tank: The Smixin Combi can handle the high capacity of hand washes from students and staff throughout the school day.
  • Easy to use and clean: The Smixin Combi is very easy to use since everything is automatically dispensed. It’s also designed with a simple cleaning routine.
  • Video display: Do you have messages or announcements to share with students? The included video display on the Smixin Combi allows you to display videos and other information.
  • Saves resources & money: With Smixin Combi’s technology of mixing water, air, and soap, you save up to 90% of water, up to 60% of soap, and up to 60% of paper towels. When budgets are tight, this is the portable handwashing station you need!


How to Use the Smixin Combi


Using the Smixin Combi is straightforward and works just like a traditional sink. For example, visual guides on the Smixin Combi sink let students know what comes next. The handwashing process in the Smixin Combi leads to proper handwashing and, hopefully, less germ spreading. Here is a step-by-step on how to use the smartest handwashing station.


1. Place hands under the infrared sensor to begin washing your hands

2. Soap, water, and air are automatically dispensed, and you begin washing your hands

3. After thoroughly scrubbing your hands, water is automatically dispensed to rinse

4. Finally, a paper towel dispenses for drying


The advanced technology, proper handwashing process, and waste reduction make the Smixin Combi the smartest handwashing station. What makes it a wise decision for schools and universities is its ease of use, high-capacity water tanks, and automatic dispensers. As a result, students can easily and quickly wash their hands effectively and move on with their busy day. The Smixin Combi is now available in the USA through All Portable Sinks! Contact us today to learn more about this innovative portable sink.


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