Where to Place Your Portable Sink


Where to Place Your Portable Sink


Congratulations, you decided to include a portable sink at your indoor or outdoor facility or event! Now it’s time to plan out all logistics, so your staff and customers get the best use out of your portable sink. The best part about our portable sinks is they live up to their portable name. As a result, there is a lot of flexibility regarding the location of your portable sink. We have a few portable sink tips to keep in mind as you decide where to place your portable sink for safety, convenience, and most efficient use. 


Tips to Find Best Location for Your Portable Sink


Our team at All Portable Sinks wants you to get the best use and care out of your portable sinks. Some of these tips are absolutely necessary for the safety or care of your portable sink. Other recommendations are to serve your staff and customers exceptionally well. Keep reading for location tips specific to outdoor portable sinks too. Here are things to consider when placing your portable sink.


  • Convenient to a water source for refilling and emptying


Your portable sink comes with a tank to refill with fresh water for handwashing and a tank of wastewater. Therefore, it’s best to put your portable sink in a place that you can quickly fill and empty the tanks when needed. 


  • Consider power source requirements


If your portable sink requires an electrical outlet, you will want to ensure you place your portable sink in an area where it can have a dedicated outlet for electricity. The portable sink should not share an outlet with another item. It’s more convenient and safer to place your portable sink as close to an outlet as possible. Some of our portable sinks, like the Crown Verity 10-Gallon Stainless Steel Portable Handwashing Sink, offer a 12-foot power cord, which gives you more flexibility in where your sink is placed.


For outdoor events or indoor facilities that don’t have electrical access, we offer portable sinks that are foot pump operated, as well as propane and battery operated. The Monsam Propane Powered Portable Hot Water Sink, or the Monsam Battery Powered Portable Sink are great options for a portable sink without electricity. You will have even more flexibility with sink placement with these options.


  • Position on a flat surface


Even though it seems obvious, it’s necessary to note the importance of a flat surface for your portable sink. There is a good amount of water flowing in and out of drains, hoses, and the faucet, so you’ll want it on level ground. A flat surface also helps the fresh water and wastewater tanks to measure accurately.


  • Near high traffic areas


Plan out where your potentially high-traffic areas are for your event or facility. These might include messier activities, food prep and serving areas, or popular attractions. Place your portable sink in these types of areas to get the most use. It may be wise to consider including multiple portable sinks if you anticipate several high-traffic areas.


  • Easy to find


This last tip might take some trial and error. If you do all of these other tips and miss this one, it will be frustrating for everyone involved! Ensure that your portable sink is easy to find, especially in crowded situations. Of course, make sure the sink is placed in a safe area, but making it easy to access and use is just as important. Position your portable sink in your desired spot and then see how staff and customers can use it in various situations. Then, adjust as needed!


Special Tips for Outdoor Portable Sinks


Outdoor portable sinks provide a lot of convenience in places where electricity and handwashing are challenging to come by. All of the above tips apply to outdoor portable sinks, but some suggestions are specific to outdoor sinks when you’re considering where to place them.


  • Keep it covered


Your portable sink area must stay dry from rain or spills. Staying dry helps prevent electrical shock and damage to the outdoor portable sink. Your portable outdoor sink is built to be sturdy and last outside, but it’s wise to keep the sink under a covered area. If you have a large outdoor event without many covered spaces, keep a watch on potential rain and move the portable sink under a cover after the event.


  • Avoid freezing temperatures


In the colder months, be intentional about moving your outdoor portable sink inside when the outside temperature gets below freezing. Freezing temperatures can damage sink components. So, it’s crucial to have a backup placement for your portable sink when it gets frigid outside.


  • Consider multiple sinks


When you’re deciding where to place your outdoor portable sink, it’s an excellent time to consider if you need multiple sinks to satisfy the needs of your event or facility. Our expert team at All Portable Sinks can help you decide what works best for your demands. In addition, having multiple outdoor portable sinks stationed strategically around your event gives everyone a chance for convenient handwashing.



All Portable Sinks is here to help answer any questions about your portable sinks and the best place for them. Our portable sinks can meet any type of need in schools, healthcare, outdoor events, daycares, and more! Find the perfect portable sink for your space on our website and connect with All Portable Sinks on Facebook and Instagram.