Why Preschools Need a Child-Height Portable Sink


Why Preschools Need a Child-Height Portable Sink


When it’s time for your preschool or daycare class to get cleaned up for the next activity, it can take extra planning and supervision. Many sinks in childcare facilities aren’t equipped for toddlers and young children, making it difficult for preschoolers to wash their hands effectively. Teachers have to either provide a stool or physically assist preschoolers in proper handwashing. A child-height portable sink for your preschool or daycare facility is a perfect option that helps both young children and staff members. Let’s dive into some features, benefits, and popular examples of child-height portable sinks.


Features of Child-Height Portable Sinks


Portable sinks are flexible stations for proper handwashing in areas that traditional plumbing isn’t accessible. A child-height portable sink works just like a conventional portable sink, but it’s crafted to be at a developmentally appropriate height for young children to use. For example, an adult-height portable sink can be about 38 inches, and a child-height portable sink can range from 26-29 inches. This is a significant difference that can bring great benefits for students and the caretakers.


Benefits of Child-Height Portable Sinks


Child-height portable sinks are great additions to your classrooms or childcare facilities because of the benefits to the child and the flexibility it gives the childcare workers. These benefits make child height portable sinks an easy decision.


  • Comfortable Use


An obvious benefit of a child-height portable sink is that it’s positioned at a lower height for young children to use it comfortably. Using a step stool on an adult height sink may not be enough for significantly younger children to effectively use the sink. A child-height sink allows the child to walk right up and use the water and soap with ease. For young toddlers who still need an extra lift, we have step stools available as well.


  • Encourages Independence


With a child-height portable sink, the childcare worker can supervise while the child completes most of the tasks by themselves. Young children want opportunities to be independent, and a child-height sink allows them to practice proper handwashing on their own. Children practice the essential handwashing skills by reaching the faucet, soap, and towel dispenser with minimal help while the teacher supervises.


  • Faster Clean-Up Time


When there is an available sink at a comfortable height for the child, and they can independently wash their hands, it makes for a quick transition for the whole class. Just line up the preschoolers for easy handwashing that allows you to move on to the next activity. Many portable sinks will enable you to move the sink where you need it on casters as well. It may be a faster clean-up time, but the children can wash their hands properly.


Popular Child-Height Portable Sinks


There are several options out there for child-height portable sinks at All Portable Sinks. Here are some popular options that would work well in preschools, daycare centers, childcare facilities, and schools. If you need more help finding the right child-height portable sink, reach out to our team for assistance!


Jonti-Craft Clean Hands Helper 26” Portable Sink


This portable sink stands at 26 inches, which is a perfect height for young children. There is still room for the 5-gallon freshwater tank and 6-gallon wastewater tank. You even have hot water available in this portable sink. In addition, you can move this Jonti-Craft sink where you need it with its casters. For especially young toddlers and preschoolers, this 26-inch portable sink is an ideal option.


Ozark River Lil’ Premier Portable Child Height Sink


The Ozark River child height portable sink is about 29 inches tall and comes with a soap dispenser and splash guard on the sink. You can move this sink on its casters to wherever the children need to clean up. In addition, hot water is available in this durable and quality portable sink.


Nessel Portable Sink Child Height 29”


This child-height portable sink features a sleek design that’s eco-friendly and stands at a comfortable 29 inches for children. You even have the option for a touchless faucet to reduce the number of touchpoints on this sink. Finally, the different color options will blend perfectly with your facility’s design.



Handwashing sinks are necessary, and often required, items in preschools, daycares, and childcare facilities. Opting for child-height portable sinks makes handwashing effective, efficient, and more enjoyable for the young child. In addition, children of all ages can use a portable sink comfortably and benefit from the skills it teaches. View our inventory of preschool/daycare portable sinks and connect with the All Portable Sinks team to see how you can include these sinks in your facility. All Portable Sinks is here to make proper handwashing available to everyone in a convenient and affordable way.



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