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What are portable sinks?

Portable sinks are a cost-effective solution to bringing hot and cold water sinks to locations where permanent plumbing solutions are not feasible. Portable hand washing sinks contain fresh and waste water tanks in a cabinet on casters allowing them to be easily wheeled to any location. The self-contained sinks we carry have several options including basin depths and faucet varieties. Most units have an electric pump and hot water heater built into the cabinet, so just plugging it in to a power outlet enables hot and cold running water.

These mobile handwashing stations are perfect for child care environments such as Head Start classrooms, day care centers, and early learning centers where children can learn hand washing hygiene techniques while being visible to teachers.

We also carry a number of shampoo bowl portable sinks for use in home hair care environments. These shampoo bowl portable sinks can also be used in salons or barber shops when expansion is needed. The elegant design of many of our portable hand washing stations fit the décor of medical offices, spas, and other treatment rooms.

Because portable sinks are mobile they can be used in a variety of commercial businesses as well, allowing flexibility to move where the need is. We even carry a selection of outdoor sinks which do not need an electrical outlet.


Who we are

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