Choosing the Right Outdoor Sink Station


Choosing the Right Outdoor Sink Station


When making plans for your outdoor facility or event, it’s essential to include an outdoor sink station for handwashing. While hand sanitizers can be helpful, proper handwashing with soap and water is preferred to clean hands. There are many outdoor portable sinks to choose from to fit your venue’s capabilities and needs. Let’s dive in on how to choose the right outdoor sink station, so your guests and staff have frequent and convenient access to handwashing. 


Power Capabilities


Before purchasing an outdoor portable sink, you should first consider your outdoor facility or event’s power capabilities. If you have electricity available, is it accessible for a portable sink? Does it allow the right placement for a portable sink? If the answer to all these power capability questions is yes, you can certainly consider an electric-powered outdoor sink station.


If you have limited or no electric capability, there are still great options. At All Portable Sinks, we offer outdoor portable sinks powered by batterypropanefoot pump, and hand pump. The power capabilities at your outdoor venue are one of the most important things to determine when choosing an outdoor portable sink.


Size & Capacity 


Once you’ve narrowed down your sink options based on power capabilities, then consider the size sink you need. The great thing about outdoor portable sinks is they are all compact, mobile, and durable to hold up well in any space you need it. In addition, there are different configurations available for outdoor portable sinks that are perfect for needs like food preparation, high traffic, or even child-height portable sinks.


Think about how much traffic you expect daily or weekly with your outdoor sink station. If you are hosting a one-time event, consider what times of day will be the most crowded and make sure your outdoor portable sink can handle those peak handwashing times without needing to refill and empty takes often. For example, a 10-gallon outdoor portable sink holds more freshwater and wastewater than a 5-gallon sink. Therefore, you’ll get more handwashings per tank fill up in 10-gallon capacity sinks. It’s also wise to consider multiple outdoor sink stations so you can strategically place them in high-traffic areas.


For most outdoor events, a standard adult-height portable sink will satisfy your needs. However, if you have an outdoor facility or venue that primarily serves children, a child-height outdoor portable sink is a perfect fit. Another configuration to meet specific needs are outdoor sink stations with two or three basins. Two or three basins give you even more flexibility with your outdoor portable sink.


Top Outdoor Sink Stations


With these considerations in mind, what are some popular outdoor sink stations? Of course, it’s always best to contact us or view our current inventory online to stay up-to-date with our popular portable sinks. However, here’s a quick overview of some great outdoor sink stations that meet a variety of needs.


The Crown Verity Touchless Portable Economy Handwashing Sink is a great outdoor sink station that works well both indoors and outdoors. It offers up to 300 handwashing uses per single tank fill-up, making it easy for staff to maintain during a busy day. To keep things extra sanitary, people can operate this outdoor portable sink with a foot pump to reduce the number of touchpoints. This durable and slim sink will work perfectly for one-time outdoor events and consistent use at outdoor facilities.


The Crown Verity 10-Gallon Stainless Steel Portable Handwashing Sink 3-Basin is an example of an outdoor portable sink available with more than one basin. This particular sink has three basins, but one and two basin sink options are also available. These Crown Verity sinks are powered by electricity and are very simple to use and maintain. In addition, this outdoor sink station is NSF certified as well.


The Monsam Propane Powered Portable Hot Water Sink provides hot water capability to your outdoor sink station. A propane cylinder heats the water, and the water is pumped from battery power. This means that no electricity is required! If your outdoor facility or event doesn’t provide electricity, a sink like the Monsam Propane Powered Hot Water Sink is a great choice and still provides hot water.



Choosing the perfect outdoor sink station for your venue or event is essential to ensure your guests can use it conveniently and your staff can quickly and easily maintain it. With so many outdoor portable sink configurations out there, you can certainly find exactly what you’re looking for. Consider your power options, plus size and capacity needs when selecting one or multiple outdoor sink stations. All Portable Sinks is your solution to outdoor handwashing needs by providing high-quality and convenient outdoor handwashing stations. Our outdoor sink stations are durable, mobile, and help provide a clean environment for your guests and staff members.



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