Guide to Portable Camping Sinks


Guide to Portable Camping Sinks


As you prepare for the next camping season, it’s time to consider the essential items your campsite or camp facility needs. Many campsites offer portable toilets, bathhouses, and other first-class amenities to give campers extra convenience while enjoying the outdoors. Portable camping sinks are another necessary and convenient amenity to provide at your campsite. Portable camping sinks encourage proper hygiene and are simple to maintain. We have your guide to portable camping sinks and what you should consider when adding a portable camping sink to your campsite.


Power Options for Portable Camping Sinks


You may have seen outdoor portable sinks using electricity to operate. There are undoubtedly many electric outdoor camping sinks, but other options for powering an outdoor sink are also available. Battery-powered and propane-powered portable camping sinks are excellent options when limited, or no electricity is available. There are even hand and foot pump portable sinks for campers at your campsite to use. No matter how your portable camping sink is powered, it is simple and easy to use for your staff and campers.


Bottom line, you have options if traditional electricity isn’t available at your campsite. That’s the beauty of portable sinks! You can move and use a portable camping sink exactly where you need it because of various power options. In addition, you can browse our entire inventory of outdoor portable sinks for camping and select the power source necessary.


How to Operate & Maintain Portable Camping Sinks


Portable sinks are very simple to use and maintain, and portable camping sinks are no different. Portable camping sinks operate on water tanks, so no plumbing is needed. You simply have a freshwater tank attached for running water and a wastewater tank attached to hold the wastewater. When it’s time to refill and dump water tanks, it’s easy for your staff to remove and replace the water tanks. 


Operating a portable camping sink is as easy as using a traditional sink. Many portable sinks work with standard faucets, but you can also find touchless portable sinks operated by a foot pump. For added convenience, we offer portable camping sinks with a paper towel and soap dispenser attached to the sink as well. 


A portable camping sink is built of sturdy and quality material to handle the weather elements. However, you should bring your portable camping sink inside or under cover during inclement weather or if the temperature falls below 45 degrees. These tips and other best practices will help you get a long life out of your portable camping sink.


Where to Place Portable Camping Sinks


When you have a large property for your campsite, it’s challenging to know precisely where to place your portable camping sinks. An obvious place for a portable camping sink would be next to any bathhouses and portable toilets. But, of course, anywhere food is served would need a portable sink as well. 


Think beyond the main areas of your campsite too. For example, do you have portable toilets or outhouses throughout your camp? A portable camping sink is a perfect compliment to provide your campers with adequate handwashing. Our outdoor portable sinks are set on casters, making it very easy to move around your campsite as needed. The casters are lockable, too, so you can be confident the sink is secure when using.


Best Portable Camping Sinks


With all this knowledge of what goes into a quality portable camping sink, which one should you buy? Like we’ve said before, there are quite a few options of outdoor camping sinks to choose from. Here’s a look at popular outdoor portable camping sinks options.


The Crown Verity Touchless Portable Economy Handwashing Sink reduces the spread of germs by using a foot pump to turn on the sink. This touchless sink makes it even more sanitary for large groups to wash their hands outdoors properly. Its design and materials make it easy to store and move around, plus the included paper towel and soap dispensers add to the convenience.



Camping brings more families and friends to the great outdoors with lifetime memories made. You can make your campsite more convenient and sanitary by offering portable camping sinks to encourage proper handwashing for your guests. All Portable Sinks is your solution to both indoor and outdoor portable sinks for any type of use. Contact us today with any questions and start your camping season off fully equipped!



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